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Faculty Connections – Meet Jim Russ

Jim Russ cover photo

Jim, 61, originally from upstate New York, is a lead instructor at The Refrigeration School (RSI). Jim joined RSI in August 2017. Thanks for your time, Jim. Tell us a little about your early career. I went into the U.S. Air Force out of high school. After two years, I got a scholarship to become […]

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Graduate Connections – Meet Angela Pietropaolo

Angela Pietropaolo

Angela, 22, from New York, has been in Arizona for eight years. Angela is a member of the first class to graduate from the RSI Welding Specialist program. She graduated in August 2018. Thanks for your time, Angela. Does that mean you’re the first female welding graduate from RSI? One of them. There were other […]

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Graduate Connections – Meet Justine Morehead

Justine Morehead

Justine, from Spring Valley, Illinois, graduated from the Welding Specialist program at RSI in September 2018. Justine is part of the second graduating class from our new professional welding training program. Thanks for sharing your story, Justine. Was welding a career change? A complete career change. At 19, I started working for a cell phone […]

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Graduate Connections – Meet Greg Mawson

Greg Mawson

Greg, 47, was born and raised in the Phoenix/Mesa area. He is the HVAC technician supervisor for Servicon, contracted to Boeing. Greg graduated the Electro-Mechanical Technologies program in 2010. Thanks for your time Greg. You came to RSI in your late 30s, was it a career change? Definitely a career change. I’d been in the […]

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What Exactly Does A Solar Panel Installer Do?

solar panel installation technicians

Energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions keeping growing, and customers and policy makers alike are becoming interested in what has been floated as the solution: solar power. Solar power harnesses the energy of the sun to provide the earth with electricity. It is a green power source, meaning it generates power without damaging the environment. […]

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Meet Jesse Barrientos

Jesse, aged 25, graduated from the Electro-Mechanical Technologies program in July 2014. Originally from California, Jesse has been in Phoenix most of his life. He now lives in Mesa, and works statewide. Thanks for your time Jesse; why did you decide to go to HVAC school? Out of high school I was a butcher’s apprentice, […]

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Faculty Connections: David Wadella

Meet David Wadella David Wadella is the first instructor that most new students will meet when they start at The Refrigeration School. David teaches the first phase, the Fundamentals of Electricity class. David is from Dayton, Ohio, but he moved to Phoenix 20 years ago looking for construction work. He’s been teaching at RSI for […]

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