You have made the smart decision to get training for a career in HVAC technology. You know that this fast-growing field will offer you numerous job opportunities, and you know that this field can be very lucrative. Now that you have made the decision to study HVAC, the biggest question facing you is: where should I get my training?

You have many choices when it comes to HVAC training. Many technical schools offer some form of program in HVAC. Unfortunately, at many schools, HVAC is not a priority, and is sometimes even a sub-study in another department. Under these conditions, you do not receive the specific training you need to be successful in this field. An HVAC-specific school offers you much broader training and will equip you with much more marketable skills. If you are going to choose an HVAC-specific school, you should consider the many benefits of Refrigeration School, Inc.

RSI – Dedicated HVAC Education and Training

RSI offers a degree program in Mechanical Maintenance Engineering. While some students choose a certification program, others opt for the Associate of Occupational Studies, the equivalent of a two-year occupational associates degree. This degree is transferrable to the University of Phoenix if you decide later to continue your education with a bachelor’s degree.

Student Services Available at RSI

Another benefit of being a student at RSI is the attention paid to you as an individual. RSI’s staff will work with you on many aspects of your education, from financial aid to tutoring to job placement. RSI’s has three class schedules that can meet almost any needs.

Tutoring services are available at any time to all RSI students. Skilled teachers will work with you in any area in which you feel you need extra support throughout your schooling. RSI’s goal is to produce skilled graduates, and this means support throughout your academic journey.

RSI’s career placement assistance can be utilized by any graduate in good standing. RSI has a sincere interest in seeing its graduates working in good jobs, and will work hard to assist graduates with employment, no matter how long it has been since they attended school.

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