Anybody leaving a branch of the military faces potential challenges returning to civilian life. The most important of these is finding a civilian career path. Coast Guard veterans in the Phoenix area should consider training as an HVACR or mechanical maintenance technician at The Refrigeration School, Inc. We welcome veterans who have completed their commitment to serving their country. In just 9 months, you could be entering the job marketplace as a maintenance electrician or an air conditioning, heating or refrigeration service and maintenance technician.

Veterans Have Been Taught to Succeed

Coast Guard veterans who performed similar types of jobs in the military may find that a transition to a program at RSI feels natural. That’s because they have already acquired the skill set and knowledge base they need for success after leaving the service. We will help you make the most of your skills and experience. Usually, veterans leaving the Coast Guard have the training to do well in different civilian jobs because they have been cross-trained for more than one position. In fact, that’s the same approach taken at RSI. Our HVACR service technicians are qualified for several types of jobs because they have been cross-trained in related fields. For example, in our Electro-Mechanical Technologies program, you would study such things as refrigeration fundamentals, electricity fundamentals, residential electric wiring, commercial electric wiring and refrigeration systems and practices. When you have finished the program, you will be qualified for a position as an electrician, electrical fitter, vehicle electrician, electrical repair technician, HVAC service technician or electrical system installer. Having such a broad base widens the range of fields where you could accept a position.

Veterans Can Qualify for Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance is available from the Coast Guard for its veterans. Scholarships and the G.I. Bill can pay for a portion or all of your tuition if you qualify. RSI is happy to accept assistance from the Coast Guard for our veteran students. We’ll help you find your way from a job in the service to a job as a civilian. We’ll tell you which types of assistance you qualify for and how to apply for it. After that, it’s up to you to select a field in which you feel qualified and comfortable. We’re a Coast Guard-friendly school that has enjoyed great success with ex-members of the military. Our vocational programs are thorough and fast. We will quickly put you on the road to a new civilian career.

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If you are a veteran interested in training for a career in HVACR and Electro-Mechanical Technology, contact The Refrigeration School in Phoenix, Arizona today. We have flexible scheduling and you can train for a new career in less time than you may think.


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