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If you are a woman and you enjoy working with your hands, you may want to pursue a career in the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC/R) industry. The Refrigeration School, Inc. in Phoenix offers a variety of courses for female students who enjoy learning how things work and who enjoy solving problems.

What Duties are Involved?

While some HVAC/R work involves physically intense tasks, most of the duties consist of troubleshooting and making mechanical repairs. Generally, an HVAC/R technician diagnoses problems, installs systems, and repairs damages. As a student at RSI, you will learn the necessary skills to work with residential, commercial and industrial systems. You will learn how to read blueprints, identify circuitry problems, and fix various types of climate control equipment. You will also learn to unravel a variety of challenges that are associated with the inner workings of HVAC/R equipment and machinery.

How Can a Woman Benefit From HVAC/R Training?

HVAC training is appealing to many women for a number of reasons. HVAC/R technicians are problem solvers. Sometimes diagnosing a problem is like solving a puzzle and this can be appealing to analytical women who enjoy solving mechanical puzzles. HVAC/R Technicians don’t typically sit behind a desk all day, especially early in their careers. They are out in the field, working directly with customers and systems. Not everyone finds the typical 9-5 desk grind to be appealing and for this reason, the field may be interesting to some women. That being said, the career of an HVAC/R professional can take many directions. Some work in the field their entire career. Others move into HVAC sales. Still others move into management or even start businesses of their own. There isn’t one specific career track for HVAC, and women can make their career what they want it to be.

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HVAC/R training will put you on the road to success while providing you with a valuable skill set you can use long-term, as long as you are committed to staying educated in your field. If you are mechanically competent and enjoy solving different challenges each day, this could be the field for you. Take the first step toward this career by enrolling in the HVAC technologies program at RSI. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you get started on your application.


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