Building homes and office buildings are no longer about simply protection from the elements. These structures are designed specifically with the priority of making the space comfortable for the people in it. Since the comfort of air conditioned homes became popular in the 1950s, they have become more affordable and virtually necessary for living in the twenty-first century. But air conditioning systems were used long before I Love Lucy came on the air. Royalty of ancient Egypt used systems for cooling their homes. Today, time has made systems that are more reliable and efficient than ever before. Technologies in heating and air conditioning are taught in heating schools all over the country. The Refrigeration School, Inc. offers heating and air conditioning training that reinforces the concept that air conditioning serves more purposes than it was originally created to do.


In an office, performance of the employees depends on their comfort. Tests have shown that people work more diligently when they are kept at a comfortable temperature. If it’s too hot or too cold, the workers think mostly about it how uncomfortable they are, rather than the task at hand. There will always be jobs where the tasks are more important than the comfort of the workers, but for a standard office building, employees work better when they are comfortable.

It was the development of the air conditioning technologies that made skyscrapers as we know them today possible. At high altitudes, air conditioning systems, while cooling the tall buildings in the summer, also circulate fresh air up to the highest floors.

Using cars as a means for transportation also fostered the development of air conditioning. Public transportation requires air filters to purify the air as well as regulate its temperature. On hot days, everyone knows it’s better to have air conditioning than to go without it. But even on sunny days when it is not necessarily hot outside, the inside of a car can get substantially hotter after being closed up all day. Even more than simply making you comfortable as you drive along the highway, an air conditioning system also filters out all the toxic emissions released from cars, so you don’t have to breathe in everyone else’s fumes as you sit at a traffic light.

Air conditioning has pervaded our society and a lot of people can’t imagine living without it. Though there are still people who do not have a unit installed in their homes, they still feel the benefits of it in the work place, at the mall, in the car, and at the movie theater. Air conditioning is one of the significant luxuries of our time and will continue to be an important part of the future as well. The Refrigeration School, Inc. understands this and provides heating and air conditioning training to equip future generations with the professional skills they need for a successful career.

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