With a degree in air conditioning technologies from an HVAC technical school, such as The Refrigeration School in Phoenix, AZ, you can work in a variety of different arenas of the air conditioning career world. Too vague? Perhaps, but it’s true. Look at all the different environments you could begin your HVAC career in after you complete your school’s HVAC program of air conditioning courses in Arizona.


Training will prepare you to work in residential homes

With an HVAC company, you could travel around to different homes within the area to service home air conditioning systems. You could stick to homes in the Phoenix area or focus your work in any other city around the country. There are homes everywhere, not just in Arizona, using air conditioning systems, so you can go anywhere you want to perform maintenance on home air conditioning units as an industry specialist after training at an HVAC technical school.

An Arizona HVAC school will help you learn HVAC technologies for retail stores

While some companies specialize in home HVAC maintenance and repair, other companies work primarily in retail establishments. Here you will also have some flexibility in your location after you complete air conditioning school in Phoenix, but you will also have the added challenge of working on more complex machinery. Especially in larger retail outlets, there are more stores utilizing air conditioning technologies, and you will need the kind of skills you can only get from a reputable Arizona air conditioning school.

Training Program Courses in Air Conditioning Technologies RSI

Your career could include working in hospitals

A great way to serve your community through your job is to work on air conditioning units in hospitals after you finish at an Arizona HVAC school. HVAC systems are vital technologies for creating the sterile indoor environment necessary in the medical industry. Without air conditioning and ventilation, the chance of spreading germs and disease is magnified exponentially. In order to allow people to undergo surgeries, heal, and recuperate in Phoenix hospital facilities, a clean and healthy environment is essential. Air conditioning school will equip you with skills in the technologies utilized in hospitals as well.

Class training also includes the technologies used in factories

Air conditioning programs in Phoenix HVAC schools will teach you how air conditioning units help cool the factories that utilize complex machinery to produce their goods. Consider a paper factory. It is very easy for the machines to overheat and break down. Dampness in the air can corrupt the quality of the paper. A properly functioning air conditioning unit will prevent these problems from happening.

With this kind of variety in your work, your degree in HVAC technologies from a technical school will prepare you for working in any type of environment, with a wide variety of equipment. The Refrigeration School, Inc., located in Phoenix, Arizona, will equip you with the career training you need to be competitive in this highly demanded work force.

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