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Green HVAC Trends to Watch in 2019

hvac trends 2019

Comfort shouldn’t come at a steep cost to customers and the environment. Unfortunately, this was the case with the HVAC equipment of yore. Air conditioners and heaters would use massive amounts of electricity and release harmful refrigerants into the atmosphere. But that’s all changing now. Thanks to government programs like SNAP, customer demand and manufacturer […]

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A Glossary of HVAC Terms A-Z to Help You in School and in Your Career

hvac glossary of terms

Planning a career in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration field? Get ready to memorize words, acronyms and their meanings. A lot of them. HVAC training teaches all of the essential HVAC terminology, of course, but learning how to speak the language ahead of time will help you when terms like BTUH and SEER […]

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The Role of HVAC in LEED-Certified Buildings

electrical technologies classes

LEED-certified buildings are not just built with energy efficiency in terms of electricity and lighting; many different aspects of a building’s operation and maintenance are taken into consideration. In fact, HVAC plays a role in LEED construction: specifically, a building’s heating and cooling equipment is designed and installed to be as efficient as possible. In […]

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