Enter a Promising Field in a Growing Industry

Arizona is a hot, desert state, and temperatures in Scottsdale can exceed 100F in the summer months. Working climate control systems are vital to the health and well-being of AZ residents, and properly trained HVAC technicians are needed to service and maintain those AC systems.

If you are looking into retraining yourself to fit into a changing job market, RSI’s AC program trains the HVAC technicians of tomorrow. RSI teaches time-tested AC theory and methods for  repairing and maintaining a variety of climate control systems, similar to the type of equipment  they will surely encounter in the field.

Hands on Air Conditioning Training

Our AC courses combine cooling classes with hands-on, practical experience to create a well-rounded AC program that prepares students to enter the job market after graduating. Our campus near Scottsdale features our full air conditioning course, including training on our E-STAR system.

The E-STAR was developed by RSI to create a hands-on opportunity where students can solve common problems often seen in climate control systems in a controlled environment with knowledgeable faculty available to assist. E-STAR encourages students to learn the troubleshooting cycle and helps them become efficient at recognizing and repairing electrical malfunctions common in heating and cooling equipment.

Our AC Program is offered as daytime classes lasting approximately 9 months or as night classes lasting approximately 13 months. Both day and evening Air Conditioning courses offer the same level and quality of education.

Residents of Scottsdale who are interested in RSI’s AC Program should arrange for a tour of our campus and meet with our Admissions representatives.  As the cost of energy rises, more and more people and corporations are switching to more efficient, modern AC technology with Energy Star ratings to save money and reduce their carbon footprint. Enrolling in a cooling course may be a way to learn a new trade and provide you with more versatile job skills.

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