How Much Does Trade School Cost?

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That’s a hard question to answer as different schools have programs of different lengths and pricing structure. The best thing a potential student can do is research the school that will best fit his/her needs and offers the greatest future options.

Trade School Tuition

If you have already considered the pros and cons of trade school versus a four year university, and made the decision to attend trade school, the tuition costs will be lower since trade schools take much less time to complete. For instance, a refrigeration technologies program can be completed in just six months. Paying tuition for as little as six months compared to at least four years represents a huge difference in budgeting and financial planning. Moreover, if you have to take out loans, interest will also accumulate the longer you stay in school, unless you get your loans deferred. Shorter term programs have an advantage as students can enter the workforce faster and start paying off loans faster. 1

Textbooks & Equipment

Again, this is where doing your research will come in handy. Does the school you are considering have additional fees for textbooks, (labs if applicable), and equipment, or are they included in the tuition? To lower expenses, find out if there are any less expensive options.

Living Expenses

This is hard to calculate as everyone has different housing needs. Since trade schools do not offer dormitory living as a four year university does, the Refrigeration School works with housing specialty companies like Edurent to help find short-term housing for students.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Accredited vocational schools often offer financial aid programs for those who qualify, which can help with tuition and other expenses as a student. Such options include federal grants and loans, private loans, scholarships, and military benefits. A financial aid advisor can walk you through all options and help you determine which work best for you. In some cases, you can combine several financial aid opportunities, so that lower costs more than you would expect.

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Check Your Program for Details

When considering enrolling in a trade school as opposed to a community college or four year university, there are many factors to consider. At the top of many people’s list are costs and potential return on investment. Just like other programs, it is wise for potential students to research all costs regarding their programs in order to make the best decision.

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