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How Do I Get My HVAC Certification in Arizona?

Are you interested in becoming an HVAC technician in Arizona? If so, you should know what HVAC companies are looking for in a new hire. In addition to a good attitude, effective communication skills, quick thinking, time management skills and a willingness to learn, HVAC companies are looking for graduates with an HVAC certification. So, […]

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How Do I Get My HVAC Certification in Phoenix?

In Phoenix, you have a few ways to become an HVAC technician, and The Refrigeration School is here to help. You can get your HVAC certification with both classroom theory and hands-on experience working with heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Due to climate change, Phoenix is experiencing both heat and cold weather and residents […]

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Which Certification is Best for HVAC?

Did you know that certifications can help you in your HVAC technician career journey? While a license is not required to become an HVAC technician in Arizona, a license can help you graduate from an apprenticeship to a journeyman. If you want to become a journeyman contractor that works alone or supervises other apprentice HVAC […]

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