Electrical Technologies Training Program

icon-clock Duration: 3 Months

Upcoming Class Start Dates

Classes StartPhoenix, AZ01/07/2022
Classes StartPhoenix, AZ02/07/2022

Class Schedules (Monday-Friday)

Morning (M-F) Afternoon (M-F) Evening (M-Th)
7:30am-12:30pm 12:45pm-5:45pm 6:00pm-10:00pm

The objective of this 3 month electrician education and training is to train and prepare students for entry as new construction and maintenance electricians. Students learn how to install and maintain electrical equipment for residential and commercial structures, read blueprints and create job estimates.

  • Offers program completion in just 3 months
  • Incorporates real world training with hands-on curriculum
  • Includes training in the National Electric Code (NEC)

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Only 3 months of training? Yes.

Upon successful completion of the electrician courses, the student should have an understanding of electrical principles, the National Electric Code (NEC) and how these apply to common buildings and facilities. A student will also have practical exposure to installation techniques, diagnostics, service and repair of electrical systems. Possible job opportunities include:

  • Maintenance Electrician
  • New Construction Electrician
  • Power Plant Field Technician

Employment is Expected to Grow for Electricians in the US to 801,400 Jobs by 2029!i

Flexible Class Schedules

RSI offers flexible schedules whether you are just graduating from high school, changing your career, or transitioning from military to civilian life. We work hard to find the right program and the right schedule to help you succeed. Contact us for more information on upcoming class times and start dates for the Electrical Technologies program.

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Program Courses

Fundamentals of Electricity

This class provides students with basic electrical understanding from an elemental stage through troubleshooting. Trainers are used to teach schematic wiring as well as test meter usage along with all
the safety processes associated with handling electrical systems such as grounding and energized circuits. Students will work with dual voltage systems commonly found in HVAC/R equipment.

The foundation for control circuit wiring and high voltage wiring are discussed and students will put their knowledge to use while working with the trainers. The training material in this class includes information on multiple types of test meters and their proper use, electrical devices, control devices, and troubleshooting. A study of single phase and three phase motors round out the students’ understanding of basic electrical principles.


  • 4 Semester Credit Hours
  • 90 Lecture Hours
  • 10 Lab Hours
  • 100 Total Contact Hours
  • 14.5 Outside Prep Hours

Electrical Wiring – Residential

This course introduces the most current version of the National Electrical Code Book to the students as a guide throughout the class. The primary goal of the program is to teach basic techniques of Residential wiring from the standpoint of interpreting all code book requirements. Students will put into practice all that they have learned by wiring a scaled down three bedroom home. A study of electrical safety is provided to ensure a complete understanding of hand tools, ladders, shock hazards, and the personal protective equipment required to work in this field. They will be required to safely place all wiring, circuits, switches, receptacles, lighting fixtures, and GFCI devices in the trainer according to the electrical code.


  • Prerequisite Course(s): HVE100
  • 4 Semester Credit Hours
  • 60 Lecture Hours
  • 40 Lab Hours
  • 100 Total Contact Hours
  • 15 Outside Prep Hours

Electrical Wiring – Commercial

The Commercial wiring course follows through with concepts learned in the Residential wiring course of training delving deeper into the National Electrical Code book. Students will be tasked with code book interpretation through the study of load calculations, blue print reading, cost estimating, three phase motor wiring, and conduit manipulation. Students will wire commercial lighting and three phase motors as they research the required applications. A mock commercial building will be wired by students in accordance with applicable code using conduit to protect their wiring.


  • Prerequisite Course(s): HVE100
  • 4 Semester Credit Hours
  • 60 Lecture Hours
  • 40 Lab Hours
  • 100 Total Contact Hours
  • 20 Outside Prep Hours

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iEmployment is expected to grow for Electricians (472111) in the US to 801,400 through 2029 and in Arizona to 6,480 through 2028.