Welcome to the ultimate welding competition, ole son!


Hosted by Legendary Bull Rider Dale Brisby, Top Welder is a competition of welding competence, knowledge, and tenacity. Teams have to think fast, work smart, and wow a team of judges who only accept the best. Sparks will fly and skills will be put to the test, but only one team will win the title of Top Welder!


Season 4 of Top Welder starts now! Once again hosted by Dale Brisby, season 4 features four teams competing against one another. Each team is made up of an instructor from Tulsa Welding School or The Refrigeration School, Inc., along with a social media welding influencer. The grand prize is a welding machine from Miller Electric.


We’d like to thank our amazing influencers for being part of season 4:

Weld Like a girl




Episode 1

Top Welder: Season 4, Episode 1, Hosted By Dale Brisby: Outdoor Wall Decor

Episode 2

Top Welder: Season 4, Episode 2, Hosted by Dale Brisby: Lawn Furniture

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Thank you to Miller Electric Mfg., LLC for the judges and prizes for Top Welder Season 3!