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In tough economic times, many people have turned to retraining. Retraining, also sometimes referred to as reeducation, is the  process of learning a new trade or field after working in an unrelated field  for a number of years. Because of the opportunities a career in Heating,  Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) provides, schools like the Refrigeration School Inc. in Phoenix, Arizona, have become very popular among  people looking for retraining.

Economic changes are usually a big factor in what leads people towards retraining. When jobs get outsourced or an industry dries up,  there will be more people than needed in a field. At this point, people have to branch out into a new field, or stick around and compete in a shrinking  industry. It is easy to see why many people would choose retraining over the option of facing increased competition.

HVAC Program Graduates can Work in a Number of  Areas

After graduating from an air conditioning school, HVAC techs can work on everything from large scale HVAC systems in office buildings to the air conditioning systems of individual residences. This diverse job market gives graduates a variety of options, depending on what kind of environment they’d like to work in.

The Refrigeration School Inc in Phoenix Arizona  Has Hands-On Training

RSI is a great choice for retraining because of the quality  of training that we offer. Our HVAC programs focus on hands-on training in  order to help our students build real world skills. Since RSI graduates have  experience working hands-on with HVAC equipment, they graduate ready to enter  the work force.

Additionally, the education RSI students receive, gives them  the opportunity to find work across the country. After completing RSI’s HVAC or AC programs, graduates can work not only in Phoenix,  but also all across California in places like  Los Angles or San Diego.  RSI currently has graduates working from coast to coast in the United States;  in 35 states across the country.

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