Gift Aid to Help Fund Your Electrician Training

Wondering how to fund your electrician training? Scholarships can help those pursuing careers in the electrical trades cover their education expenses.

Please Note: Changing your training start date could result in the loss of your scholarship.

RSI places students in shifts or classes based on their availability. You cannot transfer an electrical scholarship from one class or shift to another.

Student Requirements for an Electrician Scholarship at RSI:
Students of the Electrical Technologies program must meet two requirements before they can apply for an electrical scholarship:

  • Meet all regular requirements for admissions.
  • Have a training start date.

Scholarships to Help Students in Electrician Training

The American Public Power Association’s Demonstration of Energy & Efficiency Development (DEED) Educational Scholarship ($2,000)

Created in 1940, the American Public Power Association is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization working to advance the public policy interests of its members and their customers. Among its goals are to ensure reliable, adequate electricity to members at a reasonable price and without harming the environment. The group represents community-owned electric utilities that power over 2,000 towns and cities throughout the countryi.

The Association offers educational scholarships through its research program, Demonstration of Energy & Efficiency Developments (DEED). The aim of the program is to introduce students to career opportunities in public power, particularly those in short supply and high demand, by supporting their entry into trade school programsii.


Educational and Lineworker Scholarships are available for students pursuing training in careers that are in demand among electric utilities. The award amount is $2,000 for each scholarship. This is paid directly to your school. Each applicant must be sponsored by a DEED member utility in order to be eligible for the scholarshipiii.

Window to Apply

The Spring Application Cycle for the DEED Lineworker and Technical Education Scholarship is December 1 – February 15 each year (applications must be started before February 5). The Fall Application Cycle is August 1 – October 15 each year (applications must be started before October 5)ii.

Eligibility Requirements

  • High school seniors, graduates or trade school students.
  • Residents of countries with at least one DEED member.
  • Students pursuing certificates that could lead to careers with electric utilities:
    • Electric lineworker
    • Utility line technician
    • Power plant technology technician
    • Electrical power technology technician
    • Electrical linework technology technician
    • Electrical distribution systems technician
    • Power generation technologies technician
    • Renewable power generation technologies technicianiv

Guidelines for Applying

Visit the DEED Scholarships webpage for more information about the scholarship requirements, checklist, and application questions. You’ll find a link on this page to start your application too. DEED Funding For Students


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