A Day in the Life of an HVACR Tech

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Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) technicians specialize in installation and maintenance of systems and machinery. If you like mechanics, working with your hands, or fixing things, then HVAC might just be the career for you. Employers of HVACR techs include manufacturers, private contractors, or large business complexes such as churches or schools. Careers in HVACR offer great financial stability and the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics predict a 9% growth in HVAC jobs within the next 6 years. If you are considering enrolling in an HVAC program, now is an excellent time.

HVACR Career – Anything but Typical

A “typical” day in the life of an HVAC tech is generally anything but “typical.”  Usually, residential contractors are booked several days ahead of time, so HVACR techs may know their schedule for that day – or they may not. When an HVACR tech comes into work in the morning, he must be prepared to do whatever job is needed. Some HVAC techs specialize in a particular field and that is all they do; for example, an HVACR may work for a company where his only job is to install CFC refrigerants.

The tech will then go to the work site. HVACR techs walk, stand, and sit an equal amount of time. Working conditions are always changing based upon the job site. Sometimes the climate is wonderful and the atmosphere is pleasant, other times working quarters are small and either hot or cold. Safety precautions are usually necessary, especially when working with the electrical components of HVACR units.

Once the technician gets to the work site, the tech (especially residential techs) must know how to communicate in a professional manner as they deal directly with customers. Next, the tech gets to work. HVAC jobs are varied and include the instillation and/or repair of air conditioner units, ductwork and sheet metal, fuel lines and water lines, and system automation. Both electronic and electrical issues concerning HVACR units are the responsibility of HVACR techs.

After the tech completes their job roster, the work day is over. Usually HVACR techs work between 8-10 hour days, depending on the employer and the number of jobs scheduled on any given day. The number of specific jobs per day is also variable. A residential HVACR tech may go to as many as four or five houses per day, whereas commercial HVACR techs may work to resolve a technical problem all day or over a period of days.

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