Solar Paneling and Education Gaining Popularity in Phoenix Arizona

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Solar power has been a long-standing safe alternative for supplying energy that is capable of heating and cooling homes and building, small and large. Solar paneling has recently gained in popularity, especially during the past several years because of advances in technology and also because of people becoming increasingly concerned with their environmental impact. In places where sunlight in plentiful, like Phoenix, Arizona, solar paneling is a viable method to accentuate your electrical system. In turn, this is making solar power education more popular.

How Solar Paneling Works

Powering an entire Arizona home or business with the use of solar panels is an excellent option in terms of environmental friendliness. Taking direct energy from the sun itself, the solar panel is basically comprised of non-reflective glass that is set atop of silicon which then becomes “photovoltaic.” The photovoltaic properties of solar panels transform sun energy in the form of photons into direct current power. This power is commonly referred to as DC electricity.

The Benefits of Solar Power in Arizona

The benefits of using solar panels to power a home are many. One of the main reasons homeowners install solar panels to their homes is to supplement the current mode of electricity. The use of solar powered energy reduces the cost of electricity. Other people in Phoenix, Arizona, use solar panels to lessen their dependency on fossil fuels.

The Advances and Improvements in Solar Paneling

The recent advances in solar panel production have drastically improved the capture and transformation of the solar energy. There are currently solar panel products that combine the silicon-based panel with copper. Copper is a natural electricity conductor. The combination of the two greatly improves the output of electricity produced by the solar panel.

The relative cost has dropped significantly in the recent years as well. On average, a solar panel home kit is relatively simple to set up and the total start-up cost for a kit can cost as little as $110.00 for an 80 watt solar panel cell. The cost of a 160 watt kit is approximately $450.00.

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The Effects on Solar Education in Phoenix Arizona

The increasing popularity and feasibility of solar power has also lead to an increase in the popularity of solar education in Phoenix, Arizona. This is one of the reasons Refrigeration School Inc. (RSI) has included vocational classes teaching the fundamentals of solar power and solar panel installation. If you’re interested in learning how to install and maintain solar panels and cells, then RSI is the school you are looking for. Contact us today for more information on our solar education and our other programs as well!

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