What You Need to be an Electrician in Phoenix

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Are you ready to become an electrician and wonder what you need to work in Phoenix? There are a few steps to becoming an electrician, and the good news is that The Refrigeration School (RSI) will help you complete a formal education and find an apprentice opportunity. RSI has been training HVAC/R students since 1965. So, what do you need to be an electrician in Phoenix?

What You Need to be an Electrician in Phoenix

Electricians must have a residential or commercial license to work in Phoenix legally. Therefore, an electrician must either work for a company with a license or have a license of their own. Here are the steps to work as an electrician in Phoenix:

Step #1: Complete an Electrician Program

There are many benefits to completing a formal education at RSI before becoming an apprentice. The Electrical Applications program at RSI can be completed in as little as seven months. During this program, you get a complete education in electrical applications, which includes the fundamentals of electricity and solar, electrical wiring, smart home technology, motors and lighting practices, and electrical distribution systems. You also get hands-on experience working on real-life scenarios. Whether residential or commercial, this will prepare you for anything you will work on as an electrician.

Step #2: Work as an Apprentice

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The next step in the licensing process is to work as an apprentice under a licensed electrician. This is when you put your education in motion and hone the skills you learned at RSI until you are ready to go out as a licensed electrician. And RSI can help you find an apprentice opportunity after graduation.

Step #3: Get a Journeyman License

After completing the electrician program at RSI and working as an apprentice for approximately four years, you are eligible to sit for the journeyman license exam administered by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors1. With this license, you can work independently and even supervise apprentices. You will be tested on state laws and regulations for residential and commercial electrical applications. The journeyman license is valid for three years. Before expiration, the City of Phoenix2 will send you an open book renewal exam.

Are Electricians in Demand in Arizona?

More than 7 million people live in Arizona. An increased population means additional construction projects and a need for additional electricians. Plus, employment is expected to grow for electricians (472111) in Arizona by 35% through 20303.

Want To Learn More?

If you want to learn more about electrical applications and technologies, The Refrigeration School has trade school programs that can equip you with the necessary skills and expertise. Call us today at (602) 607-0024 to learn more about our Electrical Applications program.

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