5 Reasons Why HVAC Is a Great Career Option for 2016 and Beyond

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Working as an HVAC technician, installer, mechanic or electrician may not seem like the most glamorous line of work at first. However, the fact is that a career in HVAC pays well, offers numerous job opportunities, and can be very fulfilling. Following are five good reasons why HVAC is a great career choice for 2016 and beyond.

Little or No Student Debt

Getting a four or even a two year degree can get expensive depending on where you live. Trade schools which teach specialized, career-ready skills tend to take less time, and, therefore are less expensive. Furthermore, trade school graduates enter the workforce much sooner than those who pursue a degree from a traditional four-year institution. This enables trade school students to start working on paying off any debt they may have incurred fairly quickly.

Promising Job Opportunities

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) sets job growth in the HVAC field at 14%. As HVAC are becoming more complex, creating numerous job openings for those who know how to install, fix, and maintain, and troubleshoot these modern HVAC systems for homes and/or business enterprises.

Good Salary

While the BLS states that the mean annual wage for an HVAC technician is $46,880, the fact is that many people who work in this field can earn far more than that. Overtime pay enables many HVAC workers to earn extra money, especially during extreme temperatures. Choice of employer helps to determine salary, as HVAC technicians who work for large companies and location can also have a bearing on earnings.

There can be plenty of opportunities for advancement in this field for those who take HVAC classes and are also willing to work hard and show commitment to the industry. It is not uncommon for HVAC field technicians to work their way up into managerial positions without the need for further formal study at an educational institution.

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HVAC Can’t Be Outsourced

Unlike many other jobs, HVAC work simply cannot be outsourced, as most of the work must be done on location. HVAC contractors work on-site to install, repair or maintain residential or commercial HVAC units. The complex nature of HVAC units has made it very difficult for individuals to fix or maintain their units without professional help.

Fulfillment in Providing Clean Energy

The EPA’s new carbon standards could add nearly 274,000 for some skilled trade jobs to the economy. Many of these jobs are likely to be HVAC-related jobs as inefficient HVAC equipment stops working and requires replacement with an energy efficient HVAC one. Additionally, a growing interest in clean energy is set to create new, exciting jobs in this industry. Future job opportunities include working as an energy auditor, green technology specialist or conducting equipment performance testing.

HVAC is an exciting field. If you want steady work with good pay and plenty of opportunities for advancement, consider training in an HVAC-related field from The Refrigeration School.

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