6 Great HVAC Companies Where You’ll Want To Work

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HVAC graduates who are looking for the best possible HVAC job possibilities will want to take various factors into consideration. These include not only salary but also job training possibilities, the possibility of promotion and career advancement, work environment, proximity to home and extra benefits such as healthcare, paid vacation days, sick leave and childcare.

While an HVAC job opportunity that is ideal for one graduate may not be the best option for another, there are some companies that stand out as being ideal places of employment for HVAC school graduates. Following is an overview of these business entities for one’s consideration, in no particular order.

1. DPR Construction

dpr hvac technician
DPR Construction has made Fortune’s list of top 100 companies to work at for five years running. It is currently ranked as the tenth best company to work at in the United States and has much to offer any HVAC employee. Some of the many benefits that this company provides include fully paid sabbaticals, on-site fitness centers and compressed workweeks.

2. Camden Property Trust

camden hvac
Also from Fortune’s list, this large company offers not only a great deal of job security to its employees but also subsidized housing, on-site fitness centers and anywhere from 24 to 46 hours of training. Camden has also given its employees a surprise bonus for three years in a row, thanks to the fact that the company’s profits have been higher than expected.

3. Emerson College

emmerson college hvac
Emerson offers a number of paid internship and co-op opportunities that one can take advantage of even before graduating from an HVAC program. This Fortune 500 Company, which has been in operation for more than a century and has branches in various countries around the world, offers a diverse workplace that enables HVAC students to not only earn a living but also take part in improving HVAC technologies to better serve the world at large. Emerson also puts a premium on protecting the environment and is an ideal workplace for those who are interested in developing, building and/or repairing eco-friendly HVAC units.

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4. David Weekley Homes

david weekely hvac
Anyone who has children or is considering having children in the future will find that working for David Weekley Homes is ideal. The company is based in Texas, a state that has been ranked as the fourth best state to be an HVAC employee. David Weekley Homes will match any employee’s 401(k) contribution 100% (up to 8% of one’s salary), provides up to $2,000 in scholarship funds per child and offers both job sharing and compressed workweek options for interested employees.

5. National Instruments

national instruments hvac
Given the fact that product and parts manufacturing companies are one of the top paying enterprises for HVAC technicians, repairmen and engineers, it is not surprising that this particular manufacturer offers great employment opportunities for those in the HVAC industry. National Instruments is known for offering flexible working hours; what is more, it also offers company-sponsored training and on-site fitness centers for employees.

6. Kiewit Corporation

kiewit hvac
Kiewit Corporation is the ideal workplace for anyone who is interested in furthering his or her training and skills. The company offers up to 241 hours of training per year for salaried employees; hourly employees can receive up to 96 hours of training. Additionally, Kiewit Corporation provides on-site fitness centers and fully paid sabbaticals.

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