6 Study Habits to Optimize Your Time in 2016

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Many AC and refrigeration school students have to balance the demands of their school and work lives and studying needs to fit into the schedule. Try these six tips to study more effectively and save time on preparing for tests and classwork.

Study Tips for Success

1. Take Advantage of Technology:

Using devices like mobile phones and laptops for studying can help in a variety of ways. Technology reduced the number of hours students spent on studying for a subject. A 2015 report indicated that 77 percent of students surveyed found that study technologies were helping their academic performance and made them feel more confident about understanding the material. 1

2. Study in shorter sessions:

Traditionally, students would study for many hours in one sitting. Shorter study sessions are more productive as students may becoming more distracted in longer study sessions which will better enhance your hands-on training. 2

3. Take Breaks:

As shorter study sessions are more productive, taking breaks from studying is also helpful for you to learn the material better After a thirty or forty minute study session, allow your brain to relax by taking a break. Doing so will help you focus better. 3

4. Test Yourself:

Testing yourself on material and processes you’re exposed to during HVAC classes can be more effective than reviewing the information over and over again. Ask yourself questions and try to answer them. Researchers state this technique of active learning by testing is more effective than passive learning. 4

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5. Be Social:

Statistics have long shown that studying in groups is more effective than studying alone. Studying in a group can help avoid procrastination and the work can divided out to different members of the group. 5 Being social when you’re taking HVAC or electrician classes can make studying more enjoyable.

6. Have a Positive Mindset:

If you view studying as a chore, you are less likely to be effective. Think of studying as an opportunity to learn. Be confident in your abilities and skills and don’t undermine yourself with negative thinking. Sometimes, this is not easy. If you are too distracted with other areas of your life, don’t force yourself to study. Come back when you are ready to focus. 6

Study Smarter, Not Harder

Optimizing your study time is a great way to achieve success during your busy student years, especially if you’re working while attending classes part time or vice versa. Remember that it’s not just about studying hard, but studying smart. Implement these tips and you’ll find yourself mastering subjects while still having some spare time to enjoy being a student.

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