6 Study Tips for Taking an HVAC Certification Exam

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Those who are interested in pursuing a career in the skilled trades can increase their chances of finding gainful employment by entering an accredited HVAC training program such as the one offered by RSI. HVAC training at RSI includes both hands-on practice and in-class instruction. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates can take a test to obtain their certification.

HVAC certification demonstrates a technician’s knowledge and expertise about their trade, and helps them become established in the HVAC industry. There are several tests that require different levels of experience. Entry-level certification exams test basic competency in residential heating and cooling, light commercial heating and cooling, and commercial refrigeration. HVAC technicians may also be certified in specific areas like oil-burning furnaces or compressed cooling systems by taking specialized exams.

Regardless of which test you intend to take, the first step in obtaining certification is preparing for the qualifying exam. Here are 6 tips on how to study for an HVAC certification exam:

1.    HVAC/R School Training

The best way to prepare for any HVAC certification exam is to go through a qualified training program and to use the associated materials as study aids. Here at RSI, students are trained for successful careers in refrigeration technologies through extensive hands-on practice, expert instruction and up-to-date equipment. Enrolling in a vocational training program will prepare you thoroughly for the certification exam.

2.    Hands-On Practice

The most crucial step in achieving a passing score on an HVAC certification exam is to have solid knowledge of how to successfully install, maintain, troubleshoot and repair HVAC equipment. Working under experienced HVAC professionals and actually engaging with the required tasks is the best way to hone your practical HVAC skills. Attending a technical school will provide you with numerous opportunities to practice these skills.

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3.    HVAC Practice Exams

Students are recommended to familiarize themselves with both the material and the exam itself. There are several websites that offer HVAC practice exams. The student can take them at his or her leisure and may repeat them until comfortable with the material. While the practice exams are not exact replicas of the actual HVAC certification exams, they do give a general idea of the format and types of questions asked.

4.    Review Notes, Homework and Relevant Exams During Training

It is a good idea to keep all notes, homework and exams taken during vocational training. Revisiting these materials throughout training will make it easier to prepare for the actual HVAC certification exam because the material should already be familiar. It is more effective to study steadily over time rather than cramming it in at the last minute. If you are taking a specialized exam, you should mainly focus on that specific area and refer to the related materials.

5.    Switch Between Topics of Study

As each day of study passes before the exam, it is a good idea not to dwell on one topic too much, but to periodically switch between topics from day to day. At the end of each session, you may make up practice tests or quiz yourself over the subject(s) studied for that day. This helps increase the ability to recall information from memory and poses an alternative study method to the previously noted practice tests.

6.    Get Plenty of Sleep

This tip might seem obvious, but getting enough sleep prior to an important exam has the potential to make any test taker much more alert, and it helps consolidate memories and make recall easier. So, make sure you hit the hay early the night before you take the exam.

If you adhere to these six tips, you should be able to pass your HVAC certification exam with flying colors. Remember, being a certified HVAC technician will greatly increase your chances on the job market.

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