A World Without Refrigeration: What Would Happen If?

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Refrigeration technology, along with the comfort it provides, may be easily taken for granted by many of us who enjoy the benefits of a comfortable and controlled atmosphere. In fact, some people don’t even give refrigeration technology a second thought unless they enter a swelteringly hot room or office. At that point, the typical response to the uncomfortable atmosphere may be, “What’s wrong with the AC?”

Refrigeration is More Than a Cooled Environment

That being said, there are so many important benefits and innovations derived from refrigeration that may be overlooked on an every day basis.

Within approximately the last 150 years, tremendous improvements have been made in refrigeration that range from improved food safety and preservation to the increased safety and care of medical lab specimens, and from advances in sophisticated print production to improvements in seasonal food production. Additionally, refrigeration technology has had a tremendous impact on increased industrial production within the United States.

Advances in Refrigeration Technology

As a result, refrigeration has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. New technology, global food networks and changing food consumption trends contribute to the growth and expansion of commercial refrigeration. With refrigeration training and HVAC training opportunities in this field, employment may continue to grow in order to meet the demands of our modern world.

To cite just a few examples, refrigeration and AC have made an impact on the following aspects of our everyday lives:

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  1. Advances in refrigeration technology have made the meatpacking and brewing industry more flexible and consistent. According to History-Magazine.com, northern states such as New York and Illinois used mechanical refrigeration extensively, allowing them to produce the same product regardless of the season.
  2. AC can possibly help increase the comfort level for allergy and/or allergic asthma patients. According to Mayo Clinic, individuals suffering from allergies or allergic asthma should take steps to allergy-proof and control certain elements within their home environment. Some of the recommendations are complicated, but some are fairly simple. For example, during the pollen season, it’s recommended that patients rely on air conditioning and keep all windows closed. Additionally, condensation and mold should be removed from the windowsills and window frames.
  3. The experts at Mayo Clinic also mention the disadvantages of humid and hot homes since this environment acts as a breeding ground for mold and dust mites. Therefore, it’s wise to keep the indoor temperature between 68 F (20 C) and 72 F (22 C) with a relative humidity level that does not exceed 50 percent. Recommended maintenance includes the replacement, or the cleaning of, small-particle filters in cooling systems and central heating, as well as in room air conditioners at least once every month.

The Importance of Refrigeration

So what would a world without refrigeration look like? It does give one pause for thought. Perhaps it would not only be less comfortable but also less safe. Without refrigeration technology, food spoils faster and disease spreads more easily. We wouldn’t have the cooled environments necessary for some medical research. Food production and storage might be less manageable. A world without refrigeration could have massive effects on society as we know it today. So if you hadn’t taken a moment to thank science for refrigeration today, now is a good time to do so!

Advances in refrigeration technology are likely to continue to make positive changes in our lives. And the world needs qualified individuals to ensure proper working order of refrigeration systems. Without people to maintain refrigeration systems, where would we be?

It’s an exciting time for people who are interested in joining the HVAC & refrigeration industry. Contact refrigeration training schools such as RSI for vocational training.

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