Appealing to Millennial HVAC Customers

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As an HVAC technician, customer service is an important part of your job. This is true for many industries, but it’s especially the case for HVAC professionals who come into customers’ homes and provide services that affect their comfort, health, and utility expenses.

The population is always evolving, so the same business strategies might not be as effective from one decade to the next. As our culture, economy, and technology change, the priorities, preferences, and purchasing decisions of consumers also often shift too. Right now, it’s important to understand the interests and inclinations of the next generation of homeowners: millennials.

“Millennial” is a buzzword that describes a particular target market demographic. So, what really is a millennial, and how can you develop strategies that might appeal to them as you’re preparing to enter with HVAC training or already working in as a technician?

Who Are Millennials, and What Do They Want?

Millennials now make up a third of the American population. The White House Council of Economic Advisers classifies them as the biggest generation in the United States, predicting that their economic impact will continue to soar as more age into their twenties, thirties, and forties. Born between 1980 and the early 2000s, most millennials aren’t homeowners yet, but they will likely be soon and make up a larger percentage of HVAC consumers when that time comes. 1

Millennials Care about Cost

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An article profiling HVAC consumer habits of Millennials noted some interesting findings, Millennials want features that increase indoor air quality (IAQ) and efficiency. However, while millennials want efficiency and convenience, they’re still practical consumers who tend to be conscious of prices. In fact, millennials may care more about cost than efficiency. Blackhawk Engagement Solutions found that though most millennials claim they’d pay a premium for energy efficiency, price actually has the greatest influence over their purchasing decisions.

Sarah Taylor, a market manager for a climate control company, already sees that younger HVAC buyers are more interested and informed. However, they’re also “more likely to shop for the lowest priced systems” with the features they want, making it important to give these consumers more options and price ranges when it comes to premium features.

An HVAC product manager cites economic burdens—“including student loans and the recession of 2008″—as a major deterrent for millennial consumers. Though millennials want products with real value, Jeff Preston explains that HVAC features “that come at a premium price” are out of the question for those with multiple loans to pay off. 2

How to Serve Millennials in HVAC

Millennials are already the largest and most diverse generation, responsible for driving trends and innovations that are changing our schools and workplaces. As they enter their thirties and forties and become homeowners, they’re primed to become a big chunk of your business. So, in addition to offering affordable products that prioritize convenience and comfort, how will you appeal to your millennial customer?

Keeping millennials’ priorities in mind could help you provide them with products and services that better suits their needs keeping in mind efficiency and cost consciousness. Whether or not your millennial clients are able to splurge on big-ticket green appliances, your business will likely benefit from keeping track of these trends. 3

HVAC Techs Help Homeowners Meet Their Goals

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HVAC technicians can help clients make the best decisions for their homes and budgets. From upgrading inefficient A/C systems to investing in home automation technology or duct sealing, your services and products should help them meet their goals as homeowners. Remember to listen to their concerns and anticipate their needs in the years to come, and you just might seal a generation gap along with those ducts and windows.

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