Can I Get Certification from an HVAC School?

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Are you ready to get a certification to become an HVAC technician? Are you considering starting an apprenticeship before completing an HVAC Certification Training program? Although you can technically start working as an apprentice without certification, there are many benefits to attending HVAC school and obtaining HVAC certifications as you first step into the HVAC industry.

On-The-Job Training vs. HVAC School

There are many benefits to attending HVAC school and getting certifications before becoming an apprentice. These benefits include:

A Complete Curriculum

Getting on-the-job training as an apprentice may be a quick way to start working as an HVAC technician, but it is essential to know that most apprenticeships are limited in scope. Different HVAC companies teach various skills. Are you working for a commercial or residential HVAC company? Do you get to do everything an HVAC technician does, or are you relegated to only one or two tasks that support a licensed HVAC technician? Starting with on-the-job training can pigeonhole you into a small niche within the HVAC industry. Only by completing HVAC school can you get a complete curriculum and a strong foundation you can build upon throughout your career.

A Safe Environment

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If you are starting as an HVAC technician, learning the trade in a safe environment is crucial. You don’t want to make a mistake and cause a catastrophic event. By starting your training at an HVAC school, you can perform HVAC tasks, make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, and get guidance from industry-experienced instructors.

Build Confidence

Starting your career at an HVAC school will help you build your confidence when working as an apprentice. During HVAC school, you will get a well-rounded education and be comfortable working with HVAC systems. You will have performed refrigerant removal, repaired electrical wiring, and performed maintenance on HVAC systems multiple times. You will continue to perform these tasks until you are confident enough to do them on your own. That way, nothing will be intimidating when you start working as an HVAC technician.

Can I Get Certification from an HVAC School?

Yes, you can get certifications from an HVAC school. While attending an HVAC training program, you prepare for the EPA 608 & 609 certification exams. These are required certifications to handle and dispose of refrigerant safely.

EPA 608 Certification

The EPA regulations under Section 608 of the Clean Air Act1 require HVAC technicians who maintain, service, repair or dispose of equipment that could release refrigerant must be certified. The Refrigeration School prepares you for the EPA 608 certification exam.

EPA 609 Certification

The EPA 609 certification2 allows HVAC technicians to purchase refrigerant in quantities over two pounds and learn to recover and recycle refrigerant in compliance with U.S. EPA regulations.

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Ready to start your new career at one of the best schools for HVAC in Phoenix? Because HVAC is a hands-on job, technical training is typically required for anyone to enter this field. Many people invest in a trade program to learn the trade skills they need to be safe and effective as professionals. To learn more about our HVAC program offered at the Phoenix, AZ campus, contact us at The Refrigeration School or call 1-888-671-5803.