HVAC Business Essentials in 2017

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A recent survey asking HVAC contractors what they think is important to running a successful business in 2017. As the market looks to be growing in the near future, those thinking about expanding their HVAC business may want to consider the following best practices to achieve their goals. Below are some essential tips on how to improve your HVAC business in 2017 1:

Online Presence

These days, every business needs a compelling online presence to attract and retain customers. The same applies to HVAC businesses. Whether it is social media, your website, online advertising, email marketing, or search engine, HVAC contractors can reach customers via multiple online channels. Online marketing can develop rapidly, so staying current on latest trends and technologies, or hiring the right companies who do, to help drive customers to businesses online.


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Good communication is important. Internally, it is important to set a positive tone for the entire team. Business owners ought to let team members know how they are performing by providing constructive feedback and sharing information about the company’s performance (good or bad) and how employees can make an impact. 2

Word of Mouth

Customers are often looking up a business’ ratings and reviews online prior to calling or booking any service. Satisfied customers are an HVAC business’ best advertisement. Encourage customers to leave reviews. Also, incentivizing referrals, like gift cards and discounts of services from current customers can help grow your customer base.


Like many skilled trades industries, HVAC has a labor shortage and businesses often have a hard time filling job openings. While many graduates from a vocational HVAC training program are hired to fill the positions, some HVAC businesses also have expanded their hiring base like veterans and women. One owner reported female customers feel more comfortable in their homes with a female technician, so having women contractors can be a positive for an HVAC business. In addition, employee referral programs can help businesses cast a wider net to find candidates.

A successful HVAC business constantly makes an effort to streamline and improve. Having an appealing online presence, fostering good communication, encouraging reviews and referrals, as well as employing various recruitment methods will have HVAC business owners be successful and competitive in the market.

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