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When hearing “HVAC,” most may think of repairing air conditioners or installing refrigerators which is true. However, the HVAC industry offers different career options. One of these opportunities is sales.

HVAC Sales Representatives

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that 4,210 people were employed in Sales and Related Occupations in HVAC as of May 2015. 1 Sales Representatives, Wholesale and Manufacturing accounted for 2.59% of total HVAC employment in 2015.

Let’s take a look what an HVAC sales rep does, what they can earn, and what experience is required.

HVAC Sales Rep Job Description

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HVAC sales reps sell HVAC equipment for manufacturers, wholesalers, businesses, and government organizations. They reach out to customers, evaluate their climate-control needs, negotiate prices, and service contracts. 2

HVAC Sales Rep Salary

According to the BLS, the annual mean wage in the HVAC sales sector (41-0000) in 2015 was $68,590. Salaries can sometimes vary quite significantly to varying degrees of experience, knowledge, responsibilities, and education.

HVAC Sales Rep Education Requirements

Most HVAC sales jobs require some post-secondary education. Experience in the HVAC industry, as well as in sales, is most important.

Employers may require a certain amount of education, from a high school diploma to a Bachelor’s degree, depending on the complexity of the equipment and the customer base. Sales reps typically learn the ropes while working with more experienced colleagues and undergoing in-house training. Learning about different types of HVAC equipment in HVAC training and gaining direct work experience could help you enter this field.

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Other HVAC Sales Jobs

The field of HVAC sales offers room for advancement. Higher-level positions include HVAC sales engineer, HVAC sales supervisor, or HVAC sales manager. These jobs made up less than 1% of the total HVAC workforce in 2015.

  • HVAC sales engineers explain the technical aspects of HVAC system, recommend installation methods, or adjust equipment to customers’ demands.
  • HVAC sales supervisors coordinate sales teams, assign schedules and territories, and train new sales representatives.
  • HVAC sales managers oversee all sales activities and lead sales reps and sales supervisors.

HVAC Sales Rep – A Job for You?

If you have worked in the HVAC industry, but would like to try the sales field, you could start out as a sales representative and possibly work your way up. If you have great customer service skills, like to take initiative, and can be persistent when needed, HVAC sales could be the next career step for you.

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