HVAC Small Business Success Stories

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What actually makes an HVAC business successful? Below are two examples of HVAC business owners – one in Chicago, one in California – that have managed to sustain their success over multiple decades.

Some of those enrolling in a vocational training program to become an HVAC technician may dream of starting their own business one day. Yet, starting your own small business can be a daunting task.

How did they do it? They focused on the people.

Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning

For those HVAC techs interested in owing their own HVAC company, Dave Musial, the owner of Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning, is someone to remember. A second-generation HVAC expert, Dave bought the company from his father in 1994, and it hasn’t stopped growing expanding to over 600 employees.

He owes his success to excellent customer service and hiring the best of the best. In order to work for Dave, an HVAC technician needs to reach Dave’s very high standards including having a solid HVAC education. Furthermore, it is important that customers are satisfied with the technicians by conducting a follow-up survey with every customer. An inspection team also checks if an installation has been performed correctly. If an error has occurred, it is fixed promptly and the responsible technician has to undergo another training session. 1

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J&J Air Conditioning

This company based in San Jose, California, is an inspiration for those who aspire to run a successful HVAC business. Founded in 1978 by Jerry Hurwitz and John Jones, the company set out to provide HVAC, refrigeration, janitorial, and maintenance services in the slowly but steadily growing area known as “Silicon Valley.”

Cofounder Hurwitz emphasizes an open, supportive company culture where ethical conduct, respect, and communication are a top priority. The company prides itself in being very diverse and giving their contractors a great deal of responsibility. Technicians manage their own accounts and maintain their own customer base – an approach that Hurwitz believes to motivate the technicians to work hard in order to satisfy their customers.

Good, dependable HVAC techs know how to display professional behavior. Even while he was going through some personal hardships, Hurwitz could rely on his trusted and experienced workforce. “The best advice I can give any contractor is to hire intelligent people who are good human beings and who have initiative, and then let them do their jobs.” 2

HVAC Business Principles to Live By

hvac technician small business

There is no formula that can guarantee a successful HVAC business. However, putting people first – hiring the right employees, creating a supportive work culture, and establishing relationships with customers – will go a long way towards increasing the chances of long-term success in the competitive HVAC industry.

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