The Importance of Commercial Cooling in Data Centers

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In today’s tech-based world, even a brief breakdown in data center operations can spell disaster for businesses of all sizes. The data is where important data is stored and managed. 1 As the demand for data centers continues to rise, so too will the need for innovation and professional services in the tech-related commercial cooling sector. 2

Why Commercial Cooling Is Important

40 percent of total power consumption in data centers comes from cooling which is why companies are looking for more efficient methods. Efficient cooling in data centers helps increase the lifespan of equipment and decreasing the likelihood of malfunctions. Companies like Microsoft are opting for self-containment data center systems. While most companies can’t do that, many are opting for a customized containment method for cooling. 3

Modern Commercial Cooling Methods

commercial cooling in server room

While companies understand the importance of cooling systems, they also need to consider cost.  One simple solution is conduction an infrastructure modeling and find where hotspots and hanging curtains in those areas, using less space as more information is being stored in the cloud, and liquid cooling where systems are completely submerged. 4  Extreme approaches include liquid cooling, where entire hardware systems are submerged in either oil or water, and erecting data centers near the most frigid environments, such as the Arctic Circle.

Data centers with temporary cooling issues sometimes use portable rental units as a backup option. This solution is generally reserved for equipment closet cooling and emergency backup for server rooms. Some smaller data centers prefer portable cooling units, as they are far easier to deploy. As with more permanent cooling solutions, portable units may represent a huge area of growth in the near future. 5

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HVAC Professionals in Data Centers

Technology represents a certain percentage of growth within the HVAC profession providing a potential area of opportunity for those with commercial HVAC training. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that professional, science, and technical services account for 1.8 percent of employment of heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration mechanics and installers (49-9021). While this number is relatively small, there is room for growth as more data centers are constructed that can provide more efficient methods of cooling.

The future is bright for HVAC as a whole. In the tech fields, an increased need for efficient data centers is creating new career opportunities for trained technicians. From portable backup options to new cooling methods, innovation continues to revolutionize HVAC in data center operations. Individuals willing to seek the HVAC education necessary for success in the tech environment could enjoy challenging and deeply rewarding HVAC careers.

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