Top 3 Hottest States in the U.S. That Need HVAC Techs

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Where are HVAC technicians in demand? The top 3 hottest states in 2022 for HVAC technicians are Florida, California, and Texas, based on annual job openings projected by Career One Stop, a project sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor.1

Literally, as the world heats up, especially in certain places like California, we can expect that HVAC techs will continue to be needed for air conditioning installation and repair (as well as indoor heating).2,3

Some areas of the United States are also experiencing a shortage of skilled workers.4 HVAC jobs are sometimes left unfulfilled for over a month.4

If you’re looking for a career path and HVAC interests you, consider what it might be like to live and work in these 3 hottest states for HVAC.



The expected number of job openings every year for HVAC mechanics and installers in the state of Florida from 2018-2028 is 4,070. That’s a 16% increase! By 2028, Florida is expected to have 38,840 HVAC techs across the state.1

One of the reasons for a high demand in these three states is the high rate of construction happening across all three regions.5 With more buildings being constructed, we can expect that more HVAC professionals are needed to service these new or remodeled buildings with heating and cooling.5

In Florida, for example, hurricanes unfortunately damage infrastructure when they hit, so rebuilding projects are a segment of the construction industry expected to need HVAC workers.5 The state is also investing in mixed-use development, education, and healthcare.5,6 Florida has the fastest-growing construction industry in the U.S. at 7.5%.6

The Refrigeration School (RSI) has a sister school called Tulsa Welding School (TWS) in Jacksonville, Florida, that offers Refrigeration Training for anyone interested in learning more about enrollment in HVAC classes.

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In the Golden State, there are 3,820 new jobs expected to be added every year until 2028.1 That’s a 13% increase.1 By 2028, there could be 36,900 HVAC workers in the state of California.1

In terms of weather, California may literally be the hottest state.2 The state has broken heat wave records for the past six years.2 With unsafe heat conditions, air conditioning becomes even more important to help prevent heat illness.6

Heat stress, heat illness, or other heat-related conditions can range from mild to serious, including heat rash, headaches, dehydration, nausea, fatigue to death.7 Extreme heat can affect students’ ability to learn.7 Indoor cooling is one way of preventing the effects of extreme heat conditions.

In California, the San Francisco, Oakland, and Hayward metro area is the fourth-highest paying region in the country for HVAC technicians.8 Other especially high-paying areas for HVAC techs are Napa, Santa Cruz, Watsonville, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Santa Maria, and Santa Barbara.8

California is also undergoing construction, with an industry growth rate of 4.2%.6 Droughts, wildfires, and other natural disasters call for rebuilding projects after catastrophe strikes.5 There are also some large transportation, energy, and utility projects in the works.5


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Texas is expected to add 3,450 HVAC jobs every year until 2028.1 That’s another 16% increase.1 There could be 32,990 HVAC jobs in the Lone Star State in 2028.1

Temperatures in Texas tend to soar above the 100-degree mark during summer, which is a busy and lucrative time of year for Texans working in HVAC.9

Like Florida and California, Texas is also a top state for construction.5 Rebuilding projects make up some of the construction industry.5 Energy, utility, development, and infrastructure projects also contribute to a rise in construction.5

RSI’s sister school, TWS, has a location in Houston that offers vocational training in refrigeration technologies. HVAC can be a rewarding career for the right person, so don’t hesitate to learn more about how HVAC training could lead to an in-demand career path!

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