What’s in an HVAC Starter Kit?

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Once you have completed your HVAC training, you will want to gather and have on hand all your essential tools and equipment to ensure that you are fully prepared for your first HVAC repair job. Here is an overview of the different tools and safety gear you will most often need in the field.

HVAC Repair Kit

To begin working your first HVAC repair job, you will need some basic tools to get you started. There are a lot of tools out there for different jobs, but as a beginner, you should focus on the most essential ones. It’s best to invest in good quality products that are durable and will last you a long time. While specific types and quantities of tools may vary from employer to employer and depend on the particular duties of your position, a starter HVAC tool kit should include some basic tools that are required for most HVAC jobs.

Work Locations

HVAC technicians work in a variety of environments: homes, office buildings, commercial structures, school campuses, manufacturing plants, and medical facilities. While they mostly work indoors, technicians also sometimes work outdoors. Occasionally, the work can be uncomfortable or even hazardous. As a beginner HVAC technician, you also want to be certain that you can protect yourself with the appropriate safety gear and are able to perform basic first aid procedures in the case of injury.

Safety Gear

You will want to ensure that you have the right safety gear for the jobs that you perform. If you are working with heavier equipment, make sure that you are wearing solid-toed boots. Work boots are always a necessity when out in the field because they are made to withstand heavy impacts. Your safety gear kit should also include goggles that protect your eyes when drilling, hammering or are at risk for chemicals getting in your face. A respirator will protect you from breathing in harmful particles. You should have a sturdy pair of work gloves and a safety helmet to use when working in conditions that necessitate it. Wear long pants and long sleeves when possible so that your skin isn’t exposed to possibly toxic chemicals.

First Aid Kit

You ought to have a first aid kit with you in case of injury. A good first aid kit will include bandages, ice packs, gauze, and antiseptic spray for cuts that need to be cleaned. Moreover, there are first aid kits available that are specifically tailored towards contractors, including HVAC technicians. In addition to first aid supplies, contractor kits may also contain knuckle fabric bandages, fingertip fabric bandages, burn treatment applications, and a trauma pad. Contractor first aid kits are also available in bilingual versions.

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Having the right set of tools when you need them is an essential part of being a successful HVAC tech. Equipped with your HVAC repair tools, adequate safety gear and a first aid kit, you will be prepared for a successful career in HVAC. For more information on how to become an HVAC technician, call the Refrigeration School, Inc.

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