An Overview of HVAC Technicians and Electricians

hvac and electrician overview

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Both HVAC and electrical work are promising job options to consider. Here is an overview of some important aspects of both jobs so you if either field is for you.

HVAC Technician Job Duties & Work Environment

hvac job duties

The job duties of HVAC workers include connecting HVAC systems to fuel and water supply lines and air ducts, installing electrical wiring for the heating or cooling system and testing HVAC components to determine which parts need to be repaired or replaced. 1

HVAC technicians are employed by a variety of industries, but the overwhelming majority of them work for the plumbing, heating and air conditioning contractors industry. 2 HVAC technicians usually work indoors but may sometimes be required to work in an outdoor environment. While a full-time schedule is to be expected, HVAC technicians also work outside of typical office hours. They may take night or weekend shifts as well.

HVAC Technician Training

hvac training

Depending on where you get HVAC training program m lengths can vary and can boost your job prospects. 3 Courses include the fundamentals of electricity and refrigeration and how to work with residential and commercial comfort systems and refrigeration systems. With experience and further training, you can qualify for specialized certification.

HVAC Salary & Job Outlook

hvac salary

The median annual wage for HVAC mechanics and installers is $45,110. 4 Projected job growth rate is 14%, which is much faster than average. Demand for trained HVAC technicians is estimated to remain high as new environmental regulations and increased demand for more energy efficient systems. 5

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Electrician Job Duties & Work Environment

electrician job duties

Electricians are tasked with installing, maintaining and/or repairing power, communication, lighting and control systems. Job duties include installing wiring, inspecting components, ensuring that any electrical work done conforms to state and local building regulation, etc. 6

Electricians may work alone or as part of a crew. They are typically employed by contracting companies, construction companies, homeowners, business owners and factories. Electricians may be called on to work indoors or outdoors. They normally work full-time schedules with overtime as needed. 7

Electrician Training

electrician training

Electrician training can vary depending on the program. Classes include the fundamentals of electricity, residential and commercial electric wiring, AC theory, electric distribution systems and safety procedures. Ongoing learning and training may be required after graduation. Such courses include important information related to on the job safety, updated electrical code guidelines and manufacturer-specific training in how to use a particular product. 8

Electrician Salary & Job Outlook

electrician salary

The median annual wage for electricians is currently $51,880. 9 Growth in this industry is expected to be 14% by 2024, which is much faster than average. Electricians who can competently handle a wide variety of tasks will have the best employment opportunities. Factory work tends to be more stable than construction work, as many electricians who are employed by construction companies may experience periods of unemployment in-between construction projects. 10

HVAC or Electrician?

Both the HVAC and electrical field can offer decent salaries, have faster than average job growth and may require formal training. Both HVAC technicians and electricians work in the same industries and are often required to work overtime and/or on the weekends. If you are not sure which line of work is right for you, consider your present as well as future goals, needs and talents.

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