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Electro-Mechanical Technologies is one of the most futuristic occupations anyone can pursue. The ability to recognize and utilize advanced technology is already a lucrative skill, and this trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future, according to the Bureau of Labor. With the proper education, virtually anyone can achieve financial independence with a career in a steadily growing field. However, some states within the union provide better employment opportunities based upon various criteria. (The following rankings are determined by statistics from the BLS.)

#5 Arizona

In addition to being the home of RSI, the Copper State is an excellent place to look for a job after completing the nine-month Electro-Mechanical technician training program. Arizona ranks fifth for the highest level of employment by state, with 820 jobs reported, not including private contractors. It also ranks fourth out of all 50 states for the highest concentration of jobs, with a location quotient of 2.84. If that’s not enough, the Phoenix-Mesa-Glendale area, where RSI is located, has the third highest employment level for a metropolitan area at 590, only behind the San Jose, CA and Boston, MA areas. When looking for a local job prospect after graduation, these are numbers you’ll want to keep in mind.

#4 Vermont

The Green Mountain State actually has the highest, average hourly salaries for electro- mechanical technicians. The average technician in Vermont earns $37.92 an hour and an annual mean wage of $74,720. However, competition for these positions means, typically, only the most experienced technicians will be considered. Vermont has only about 50 jobs in this field as opposed to Washington, which has 200 and an average, annual mean wage of $72,360. However, the highest average salary in the country — provided by companies such as the Steris Corporation — makes Vermont a top destination for this profession.

#3 Louisiana

This southern state has an extremely high concentration of Electro-Mechanical Technicians. Louisiana’s location quotient of 4.31 is the highest in the nation. This is substantially higher than 3.25-location quotient of Massachusetts, which is second in this category. However, Louisiana has one of the lowest annual mean wages ($50,990) of any state within the top five location quotients for the electro-mechanical technician field. Louisiana is a great location for young graduates starting in the field, because the employment opportunities are so plentiful. Unfortunately, this high concentration of professionals for companies like Baker Hughes moderates wages through the process of supply and demand.

#2 California

California has the most jobs in the electro-mechanical sector with 2,780. However, the Golden State’s high population means it has a location quotient of only 1.61. The annual mean wage of $55,260 is slightly better than the $54,160 national average, and companies like Teledyne Technologies offer a plethora of job opportunities. California is also home to Silicon Valley, which contributes to its status as the overall, number one state for Electro-Mechanical Technician jobs.

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#1 New Mexico

New Mexico is the only state in the union in the top five for annual mean wage (3rd) as well as location quotient. This combination of job opportunities and top pay make New Mexico the best option for someone looking to build a resume or a seasoned veteran with decades of experience. The oil industry contributes heavily to the vast employment opportunities for Electro-Mechanical Technicians in New Mexico. The annual mean wage in this sector is $70,090 and the location quotient is 3.01. Companies such as Sandai National Laboratories make their homes in New Mexico, creating a vast sea of job opportunities.

As technology advances, career opportunities will continue to shift from manual labor to skilled technical work. Jobs paying $70,000 annually will become increasingly popular for those in this industry, as the sharpest minds in the country contend for positions. However, these opportunities will be afforded only to those who have the education and training to fulfill all the desired duties.

*For Phoenix, Mesa and Glendale, Arizona as of May 2013 according to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics for heating, AC, and refrigeration mechanics and installers. Avg. starting salary for Refrigeration Technologies is $31,762 for graduates with 150% of normal time for completion has elapsed and who attained employment in their field of study as report on our annual accreditation report dated 7/1/2013.

Demand: *According to BLS data Phoenix, Mesa and Glendale, Arizona employed over 4,000 heating, AC, and refrigeration mechanical and installers through May 2013:

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