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Are you interested in becoming an electrician but not sure if your services will be demanded after you complete the Electrical Applications program at The Refrigeration School (RSI)? The good news is that the electrician industry is booming, and now is a great time to complete your education and start a career as an electrician.

Is The Electrician Industry Growing?

Yes, the electrician industry is growing rapidly. The projected growth for electricians in Arizona is 35% by 20301. Why is the electrical applications industry booming? The world of technology enhances electrical applications like solar and smart home technology. Electricians are being called upon to join the revolution fighting climate change. It is an excellent time to answer the call, and RSI can help.

Why else is the electrical applications industry growing? The overall electricity demand is increasing due to economic and population growth. Building energy is expected to grow 15% through 20502. Plus, US population growth is projected to increase by 10% through the coming decades. This means more housing, more people using electricity, and a need for more electricians.

What Technology is Transforming the Electrical Industry?

There have always been technological advances, but the last few years have brought many transformative innovations to the electrical industry. Now is the time to take advantage of this transformation in the electrical industry. These transformative technologies include:


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The solar industry continues to evolve with many solar developments3, including longer-lasting solar cells, printed solar cells, sun-tracking solar panels, and solar power plants that work at night. The increases in efficiency for solar cells can be attributed to improved cell design, new materials like perovskites, and better manufacturing processes. Solar cells made of perovskites are 20% more efficient than those made of silicon.

Plus, you can take advantage of this solar boom while completing the Electrical Applications program at RSI. The main course offered during this program focuses on the fundamentals of solar and photovoltaic (PV) science. After completing this course, you will better understand the concepts and processes of photovoltaics and be able to support solar installation in homes, commercial applications, and government installations.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things connects us to a Web 3.0 world of data sharing, cross-platform communication, and energy efficiency. Whether it is a smart thermostat that can automatically reduce the temperature when the home is empty or a mobile device that can control every appliance in your house, the Internet of Things is changing the landscape of electrical applications and spurring demand for formally trained electricians. Fortunately, RSI offers an Electrical Applications program with a class in smart home technology & advanced wiring. With lectures focused on theory and hands-on training that puts the theory to the test, graduates of the Electrical Applications program are ready to support residential clients with the smart home technologies of the future.

Smart Grids

Another critical factor in the rise in technology and demand for electricians is the implementation of smart grids. Smart grids4 include smart devices that collect and supply data to keep homes and businesses more informed and help them make better decisions about cost-effectiveness and efficiency. These devices can predict surges in electricity usage, detect outages, and adjust energy supply as needed. As an electrician, you can install and maintain the smart technologies that are the backbone of smart grids.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know why the electrician industry is booming, it is time to learn more about RSI’s Electrical Applications program. Learn a trade in demand and will continue to thrive in the coming decades. Now is the time to become an electrician, and RSI can help.

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