The Top 5 Jobs in Solar Energy

Solar Panel Installation Tech

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Solar energy is a steady source of renewable energy that, when harvested, has the potential to essentially replace petroleum-based energy. This is better for the environment, and sustainable for as long as the earth exists, as solar energy is an unlimited source of power.

Harvesting and using solar energy is still an emerging technology, but environmentally conscious individuals and forward-thinking companies are already starting to tap into it. This means that there is a wide-open future in solar energy jobs. The Refrigeration School, Inc. can help prepare you for a career in any of these top 5 emerging solar jobs.

1. Solar Installation Engineer

Someone has to put in the solar panels on buildings that will collect, store, and utilize solar energy. This is why solar installer jobs are among the top jobs in solar energy. It takes special knowledge to properly install a solar panel so that it collects, stores, and converts solar energy to home and business use. It is one of the most important solar power jobs around, and one with enormous growth and salary potential. Getting the right training to enter this career field is definitely worth it.

2. Solar Panel Sales

There are a variety of solar panel types on the market, from small to large, and from partial collection to full collection panels. Because solar panels represent a significant investment, it takes the expertise of a professional solar panel sales agent to guide private and business buyers to the right panels for them, and to present them with a range of financing options.

The public looks to the sales people in solar energy careers to help them make the right buying decisions and to get them on the road to using solar power. As more solar panel companies spring up, this particular function will be even more in demand, and those who choose this career will need to go through specialized training so that they are educated on all aspects of the solar panel industry.

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3. Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar panels will need maintenance once in a while, of course. Maybe a panel develops a crack or stops storing as much energy as it once did. Maybe it needs complete replacement or overhaul. This is where solar panel maintenance technicians come into play. This is a very particular specialty among solar panel jobs, and it requires specialized training. However, with more and more people and businesses installing solar panels in order to be earth-friendly, it is a career that is wide open to growth and opportunity.

4. Solar Electrician

Solar electricians connect solar panels to the electrical power grid. Solar panels need a backup source of energy if the stored sunlight runs out due to multiple cloudy days in a row. Also, some communities provide cash refunds for solar users if their solar power use exceeds their electrical power use. This is an important job that requires practitioners to know about local regulations for installing electrical systems. It also requires an electrical license from the state where the professional is practicing.

Depending on the company, 3 to 5 years of experience may be required to get a job as a master solar electrician. However, this experience can be obtained after leaving school, or in some cases experience can be acquired while attending school by serving as an apprentice.

5. Solar Designers for Large-Scale Projects

Solar designers usually work for large companies or solar farms. They design large solar installations for specific purposes, and each design is unique. Creativity, knowledge of solar installation technology, and an ability to use AutoCAD software are the main requirements of this job. It is increasingly in demand, as more large farms and companies decide to go green with all solar energy in their operations.

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