What is the Shortest Time to Complete an Electrician Trade School?

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Are you interested in becoming an electrician but not sure you can dedicate enough time to your education? Did you know that you can complete an Electrical Applications Training program in as little as 7 months? The Refrigeration School (RSI) offers a short path to becoming an electrician and prepares you for a career as an electrician.

What is the Shortest Time to Complete an Electrician Trade School?

The RSI Electrical Applications Training program can be completed in as little as 7 months, attending full-time. How can we prepare you so quickly? Because we focus on the knowledge and skills you need to succeed as an electrician. You won’t have to worry about non-electrician electives, just the classes that prepare you to become an electrician.

However, the path to becoming a “licensed electrician” that can work independently without supervision takes approximately 4 years. As an apprentice, you have the option of completing 4 years of work experience or you can complete the Electrical Applications Training program in 7 months and only need 3 years of experience as an apprentice. Once your education and apprenticeship requirements are completed, you can apply for an electrician’s license at the Arizona Registrar of Contractors and become a journeyman electrician.

What are the Benefits of a Trade School Education?

While you can start out as an apprentice, there are many benefits to attending a trade school first. These benefits include:

A Complete Curriculum

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Starting out as an apprentice may pigeonhole you into one or two tasks within the overall electrician role. As an apprentice, you may only work on residential electrical systems and not learn about commercial electrical, for example. On the other hand, attending an Electrician trade school will prepare you for anything you may encounter as an electrician, as you work through your career. During the Electrical Applications Training program at RSI, you learn about the following:

  • Mechanical and electrical principles
  • Residential and commercial wiring applications
  • Voice, video, and data cabling systems
  • The application of motors, lighting, devices, and various types of transformers.

This curriculum will also be taught in a systematic manner. Instead of learning different electrician skills as they arise during an apprenticeship, a formal education will teach you step-by-step. It will lay a strong foundation of knowledge for you to build upon throughout your career. Each class will have a purpose and will build upon the previous knowledge and skills that you learn as you progress in the Electrical Applications Training program. RSI’s Electrical Applications Training program offers a complete and well-rounded curriculum that is second to none.

An Accurate Curriculum

RSI’s Electrical Applications Training program curriculum is updated each year with the help of community employers. The industry evolves and RSI evolves right alongside it. Starting out as an apprentice may offer outdated techniques which can hold you back in your career. Let RSI teach you how to become an electrician with the most up-to-date information, techniques, and electrical equipment.

Hands-on Training

In addition to the hundreds of hours of classroom lectures, you will also get hands-on training during lab hours. Our instructors guide you through real-world scenarios so that you can build confidence in your abilities when it is time to work on the client’s electrical systems. You will also train with the same electrical equipment you will find on the job.

Opportunity to Network

As you attend classes, you will make strong relationships with classmates. Those classmates have the same goal and are also looking to start working as electricians. Keeping in contact with those classmates may be an opportunity to fill an employment gap later in your career. You may even make some strong relationships with fellow classmates that will continue outside the classroom. The Electrical Applications Training program is a great way to network and keep in touch with others in the industry.

Career Services

One of the hardest parts about starting a new career is finding that first job or apprenticeship. At RSI, we pride ourselves in matching our graduates with jobs that they are passionate about. We have close ties to the community and employers know that our graduates are ready to start working on day one. Let us help you find the apprenticeship so you can start down the path to a rewarding career.

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If you are interested in learning more about electrical applications and technologies, The Refrigeration School has trade school programs that can equip you with the skill and expertise you need. Call us today at (602) 607-0024 to learn more about our Electrical Application program.