What Trade Program is the Fastest?

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Ready to start working as a trade professional but need to know if you have the time to spend 2- to 4-years in college? The good news is that you can complete a trade program at The Refrigeration School in as little as six months. So, are you asking yourself, “What trade program is the fastest?”

What Trade Program is the Fastest?

There are many trade programs to choose from. Each has its value in their trade industry. Some are faster to complete than others. This doesn’t make any one trade program better, but it may reduce the time you are in school and not earning a paycheck.

The Refrigeration School offers many trade programs that can be completed in under 6 to 15 months. Get the diploma you want and prepare for your apprenticeship in your trade of choice. RSI offers the following:


This six-month HVAC/R program teaches you how to install, maintain, and repair heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC/R) systems. The curriculum focuses on the fundamentals of electricity and refrigeration, comfort systems in both residential and commercial applications, refrigeration systems, and advanced troubleshooting techniques.

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Electro-Mechanical Technologies

In this nine-month Electro-Mechanical Technologies program, you learn about electricity, refrigeration, and solar fundamentals. You take classes on residential and commercial electrical wiring and comfort systems. You also learn about refrigeration systems and advanced troubleshooting techniques.

Electrical Applications

The Electrical Applications program can be completed in as little as seven months, preparing you to work as an electrician apprentice to work toward your electrician’s license. The curriculum focuses on the fundamentals of electricity and solar. You learn about electrical wiring for both residential and commercial applications. There are also classes on smart home technology, motors and lighting practices, and electrical distribution systems.

Welding Specialist

This seven-month Welding Specialist Training program provides hands-on training in core welding processes. You learn about welding procedures, preparing arc welding equipment, cutting metal using thermal torch techniques, and how to prevent weld distortion. Classes focus on welding fundamentals, GMAW and FCAW processes, and structural, pipe, and advanced pipe welding. At the end of the program, you will use the knowledge and skills you have learned to complete a welding capstone project that will help you transition from the classroom to the field.

Mechanical Maintenance Engineering

The most extended program at The Refrigeration School takes a full-time student 15 months to complete. This program requires some prerequisite courses included in the Electro-Mechanical Technologies program. The core classes of the Mechanical Maintenance Engineering program focus on the principles of air, motors and applications, predictive maintenance, and piping systems. Further classes include math and English, fundamentals of boilers, preventative maintenance and planning, computer applications and decision-making, and entrepreneurship.

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