Funding to Help Students of Tribal Heritage with Their Vocational Training Investment

RSI’s Scholarship for Students of Tribal Heritage ($2,000)


  • RSI helps eligible students of tribal heritage fund their investment in vocational training by awarding scholarships of $2,000 each. The scholarship award can be used for any RSI diploma or degree program.

Window to Apply

  • Applications for the RSI Tribal Scholarship must be submitted before the student begins his or her vocational training program.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Students of Alaskan Native, Native American, or Native Hawaiian descent may be eligible for the RSI Tribal Scholarship

Guidelines for Applying

  • Verification of tribal heritage is necessary when applying for this scholarship: an Affidavit of Indian Blood, a Birth Certificate and Photo ID, or a Certification document of verification of Native Blood.

    Additionally, candidates will need to meet all regular requirements for admission. They must have a training start date scheduled prior to applying for the RSI Tribal Scholarship.

    More information on the RSI Tribal Scholarship can be found on the application.


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