Funding for Women in Vocational Training ($3,000)

A scholarship program for eligible female students of RSI who demonstrate financial need. RSI’ financial aid office determines financial need by subtracting the student’s available resources and eligibility for financial aid funding from the direct educational cost of the program. The maximum scholarship award amount a student could receive is $3,000.

Window to Apply
The Women in the Skilled Trades scholarship is based on the enrolled student’s training start date. The school has a limited number of scholarships, and awards are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Eligibility Requirements
Female students enrolled in an RSI program with demonstrated financial need after applying for the FAFSA.

See the complete list of eligibility criteria here.

Guidelines for Applying
Female students enrolled in a RSI program may complete this application and submit it to the Scholarship Selection Committee with their driver’s license or government issued ID card.

Women Can Help Close the Skilled Trades Labor Gap

It’s very awesome to, you know, not only get the skills the trades and the technique but be able to provide a good quality of service and know that I’m very confident in myself and I was given the skills to be able to do that. … Without going here to RSI I would not be able to have, you know, the stability for me and my son.

Companies across the country are grappling with a big problem: Older skilled tradespeople are retiring, and newly trained workers aren’t replacing them fast enough.ii With women accounting for just 4 percent of construction and extraction occupations, there is a huge opportunity for women in the skilled trades.iii

Women can find not only job opportunities in the skilled trades but also career satisfaction and healthy wages.i All that many need to get started on the path to careers in welding, HVAC and electrical applications is skilled trades training, as employers would often prefer to hire applicants with these credentials.v

That’s where RSI comes into the picture. We’re making sure funding doesn’t stand between female students and skilled trades training with our Women in the Skilled Trades Scholarship.


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