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Refrigeration School, Inc. is committed to providing the  HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) training necessary to work in the  field today and in the future. Because of this commitment, RSI provides vocational training in a number of related green technologies and practices. This forward thinking helps graduates from RSI’s air conditioning programs work in the HVAC  industry anywhere from Los Angles to New York, for years to come.

Examples of Green Technology Taught at RSI

National Electrical Code

One important topic RSI educates their students about at their Phoenix trade school is the National Electrical Code. The National Electrical Code is  the standard set by the United States for safe installation of electrical wiring. This is important because it understanding the National Electrical Code  is important to the installation of photovoltaic (solar) equipment. With the  amount of sun that Arizona and Southern California receive, there can be a large influx  of PV systems incorporated in powering HVAC systems. While an understanding of the National Electrical Code is important for the installation of all HVAC  equipment, it is especially important with PV equipment because of its  generation of DC current.


Another important science to understand is psychometrics, which is the science of air flow. The reason this is important to green technology is that it doesn’t matter how efficient a system is, if people are uncomfortable. If air isn’t being circulated and distributed properly, people will be uncomfortable and will mess with the thermostat. Once people start  cranking up or down the thermostat, efficiency ratings go out the window.  That’s why it is important to understand how air moves and how to optimize  circulation to ensure all around comfort. RSI makes sure that graduates from their HVAC college have hands-on experience with this.

Variable Frequency Drive Motors

The final technology we’ll touch on here is the use of variable frequency drive motors. These motors are used for ventilation systems in large buildings and conserve energy by enabling the system to move a volume of air equal to the amount that is needed. RSI technical program graduates are trained in  the installation, maintenance, and use of systems which incorporate variable  frequency drive motors. Additionally, RSI’s HVAC training enables their graduates to be able to determine the practicality and potential gains from retrofitting an older system with this new technology.

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These technologies are already being used today in many applications as well as green technology, and will continue to play an  important role in the future of HVAC maintenance and repair. RSI is proud to  provide their students with this important training which will help them work in the HVAC field for years to come.

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