HVACR and the Green Jobs Revolution

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The green jobs revolution is not new, but it is beginning to hit its stride across the US. Businesses are going green; new building designs and recycled materials are changing how energy is used and reused and the way HVACR technicians do their job is evolving every day. Green thinking “gives something back” in terms of energy and natural resources. This is the century for clean air and water, wind power, and natural heating and cooling technology. HVACR techs are an essential ingredient in the green revolution.

Professionals in every industry more and more want to work for companies that reduce, reuse, and recycle and the heating and air conditioning industry is no exception – training HVACR techs and engineers so they are able to design, build, install, and repair solar energy systems as well as other green initiatives that require special services.

HVACR Responsibilities in the Green Revolution

HVACR professionals are the new leaders when it comes to developing high performance solar thermal and HVAC systems for commercial and residential use. Developing new green concepts that reduce fossil fuel use through laboratory and field experiments is a crucial element in the green job revolution.

Sustainable energy technology that increases heating and air efficiency is considered a priority for twenty-first century growth so trained green HVACR techs are in demand around the world. The ability to identify, isolate, and incorporate natural resources to fulfill clean energy needs is an asset that will continue to grow as the world becomes greener.

HVAC techs and engineers must be able to assess existing systems and have the knowledge to retrofit or re-engineer some existing green HVAC systems so they conform to new energy standards. Recycling existing HVAC systems is a challenge, but it’s not impossible when green technology advances to the next level. HVAC techs are on the front lines redesigning and re-engineering systems that increase efficiency and reduce waste.

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