If you’ve made the decision to train for a career in the exciting field of HVAC, you already know that the heating and air conditioning industry is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a career in a highly specialized field but doesn’t want to be tied to a desk in an office somewhere. You have already decided that HVAC training is for you; what you may be wondering is how you are going to manage going to school along with all of your other responsibilities.

Full Time Programs Might Not Suit Your Schedule

Full time HVAC schools allow you to finish your training more quickly than part-time schools, but they don’t leave much time for running a household, taking care of children or earning money. Many people say they can’t imagine working a forty hour job while attending school full-time. Most parents spend a lot of time taking care of family responsibilities, as well, and if you have children you know that putting them on hold while you get your HVAC certification isn’t an option. Many people who think seriously about going back to school for HVAC, postpone their dreams of getting an education because they can’t figure out how to juggle all of their responsibilities while going to school full time.

Part Time Classes are More Flexible

Many people do go back to school to study for their new HVAC careers while continuing to work full time and support their families, however, by choosing a school that offers part-time classes. Part-time classes often meet in the evening, and may only require you to go to school one or two times a week. Because students who choose to go to school part-time also hold down full-time jobs, schools that offer part-time HVAC study typically schedule their classes at times that are convenient for working parents.

Making the Right Choice – Contact RSI

Whether you decide to get your HVAC certification quickly by taking full-time classes or keep your regular job while training for your new career in HVAC by taking part time classes depends on your responsibilities and needs. A part time program can provide an opportunity for a full-time worker with responsibilities to train for a new career in HVAC.

The Refrigeration School in Phoenix, Arizona offers convenient evening classes for students who wish to pursue an electro-mechanical career but may currently have a full time job or family responsibilities that don’t allow them to pursue a traditional academic schedule. For more information on our evening classes, contact RSI today!

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