How Fast Can I Get a Welding Certification?


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Are you interested in becoming a welder and want to learn more about welding certification? The gold standard in the welding industry is the American Welding Society (AWS). Wondering how fast you can get a welding certification?

How Fast Can I Get a Welding Certification?

Did you know you can complete the Welding program at RSI in as little as seven months? Although you don’t need a diploma to apply for the AWS certification, you need to possess knowledge in welding that will help you pass the exam. This is one of the main benefits of the Welding Specialist program at RSI.

What is the American Welding Society?

The American Welding Society is a non-profit governing body of welding certification. Their global mission is to advance science, technology, and application of welding worldwide. This includes brazing, soldering, and thermal spraying.

Why Get Certified with AWS?

There are many benefits to getting certified with AWS. These benefits include:

Certification Choices

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The AWS Certified Welder program1 allows you to take specialized certifications in structural steel, petroleum pipelines, sheet metal, and chemical refinery welding industries. After passing the general welding certification, you can earn specialized welding certification as a certified welding inspector, welding supervisor, radiographic interpreter, robotic arc welder, or welding sales representative.

Proof of Proficiency

When you pass the certification exam, you are proving your proficiency in welding and that you know welding fundamentals. On the day of the exam, you will deposit a sound weld that is inspected by an AWS-certified welding inspector. You must adhere to the Welding Procedure Specification to pass the exam.

Competitive Edge in the Workforce

Employers look for certifications when hiring welders. Those with a certification will need less on-the-job training and resources to get started. Employers prefer those with experience in welding and the certification of the AWS. When an employer looks at your resume for a new role or promotion, they will highly value a welding certification. The certification will give you a competitive edge in the workforce.

Commitment to Growth

By getting certified, you are showing your commitment to growth in your career. Employers want to know that their welders are interested in learning. Whether it is a new welding technique, material, or position, growing as a welder is a characteristic employers look for.

What is the Welding Procedure Specification?

The Welding Procedure Specification2 is a formal written document describing standard welding procedures. The procedures guide welders to make quality welds that are up to code. It includes the materials and tools you will need, the process to follow, and the technique to create a quality weld. The specifics include the welding process, type and size of the filler metal, proper temperature, welding position, joint tolerance, gas usage, electrode information, wire feed speed, and voltage.

Want To Learn More?

The welding certification path starts with enrolling in RSI’s Welding Specialist program. We offer hands-on training with classroom lectures to prepare you for entry-level structural, alloy, and pipeline welding job opportunities. To learn more, contact us.