International Students at RSI

RSI celebrates the diversity of our campus and strives to make it as simple as possible for you to apply. To be considered for admission to RSI, please first contact an Admissions Representative to help guide you through the application process.

Steps to start an International Application:

  1. Contact an RSI Admissions Representative to help you through the application process at (888) 671-5803 and for a one-on-one interview.
  2. Submit the International Student Application Form along with a $25 non-refundable fee (US currency only).
  3. Submit validation of high school graduation or its equivalent.
    • M-1 students are required to have completed secondary education. Request official academic records and exam results from your secondary school.
    • Documents in a language other than English must be accompanied by English translations from a certified English translation service (fees required are paid by student).
    • Copies of originals are not accepted.
    • All academic records must be evaluated by a certified evaluation agency to demonstrate they are equivalent to a U. S. high school diploma.
  4. Prospective students whose native language is not English are required to provide proof of English proficiency (e.g., TOEFL or other approved English proficiency assessment) prior to admission or arrival.
    • Demonstrate minimum English language proficiency by submitting:
      • Accepted TOEFL (Test of English Foreign Language) iBT scores:
        • Diploma Programs: (Reading 15, Listening 15, Speaking 13, Writing 17)
      • TOEFL testing information is located at
      • RSI Campus Code: 3130
  5. Submit a financial statement.
    • Submit a bank statement and other supporting documents demonstrating adequate financial support to cover all educational and living expenses while in school.
    • The bank statement must be in English, state the US dollar equivalency, certified by a bank official, and not more than 60 days old at the time of application.
    • RSI must have a bank statement dated within 60 days of the student’s anticipated start date. If financial capability is not demonstrated at least 30 days prior to starting, admission will be revoked and the Department of Homeland Security/Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will be notified.
    • Required amount in US currency according to the 2012-2013 Estimated Annual Expenses (depending on program selection) is the amount necessary to fund tuition for program selected, fees, books, housing, food, transportation, medical insurance and other expenses. Contact RSI today for additional information.
    • Copies of originals are not accepted.
    • A student sponsor must submit an Affidavit of Support (I-134) and a notarized, current, original bank statement which shows the required balance (depending on program selection) in US currency (retain a second set of financial documents to submit to the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services to obtain your M-1 visa).

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