Important HVAC Customer Service Tips

hvac customer service

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Great customer service makes all the difference in the world in any industry including the HVAC field. Customers often call when their homes are sweltering or freezing due to a broken down air conditioner or heater. An HVAC program will teach you about the mechanics of system installation, maintenance, and repair. It’s also important that you learn how to provide an excellent customer experience if you’re a field technician. Following are three important tips for HVAC techs to increase customer satisfaction.

1. Dress Professionally

Customers judge you by your appearance even before you have the chance to enter their homes. Clothing that is wrinkled, dirty or inappropriate might give people the impression that your work is careless and could harm your company’s reputation.

A recent survey shows that managers who have a number of competent workers to choose from for promotions often skip over those who fail to dress professionally. 1 While it is understandable that most HVAC technicians wouldn’t don a suit and tie to work, you should wear clothes that fit properly, aren’t stained or torn, and don’t have controversial messages emblazoned on them. Women should avoid overly revealing clothing. Concealing visible piercings with clothing would also be a good idea.

Most managers may not address issues of appropriate work attire. However, it’s helpful to know that your appearance may be taken into consideration if you are looking to move up in the company.

2. Be Punctual

Forbes magazine reported a study that 19 percent of all American workers show up late at least once a week, those who do so could be not only hurting their companies but also themselves. 2 Running late throws off your schedule and might lead to making costly mistakes if you try to rush through a job.

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Lack of punctuality may irritate your customers. No one likes to wait around for a late service technician, especially when a broken heater or air conditioner is uncomfortable and inconvenient for your customer. When you don’t arrive on time, you start your appointment off on the wrong foot and it could be hard to turn things around from that point on.

Habitual lateness generally does not sit well with employers, especially if they have to field angry calls from customers who are wondering where you are and when you will arrive. Surveys conducted in 2015 reveal that 62 percent of managers were less likely to promote employees who were habitually late to work. 3

3. Communicate Clearly

hvac communication tips

Your HVAC training will likely have taught you all about HVAC system types, blueprints, government regulations and more. However, your customers will most likely not know industry terminology and may explain problems with their units in non-technical terms. Listen carefully to fully understand what customers are saying, and be sure to explain problems with their HVAC systems in a way they’ll understand. This is especially true if you are recommending a costly repair or replacement.

Always ask where the homeowner or company management would like the debris to be placed while the HVAC unit is being fixed or installed. Your work might take many hours, and homeowners and company managers probably wouldn’t want tools and parts strewn about while the job is being completed. 4

Benefits of Great Customer Service

As you work, you will likely continue learning how to give great customer service. But while you’re just starting out in the HVAC industry, keep these tips in mind to ensure positive professional relationships with customers and employers. Making home and business owners and your employer happy can lead to repeat business and promotions within your company.

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