Skills HVACR Professionals Need for Success

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Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR) is a growing field that holds much promise to individuals who have successfully completed HVACR training at an accredited trade school. However, some people become more successful than others at work, and this is also the case with HVACR. Here is a list of skills HVACR professionals need for success.


Heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration units are complex systems with numerous components. Even if you’ve learned all the parts and how the system operates in your refrigeration repair course, the problem may not be immediately obvious. HVACR technicians must be able to employ a logical, systematic approach to pinpointing exactly why a unit isn’t working. A tech will need to consider all of the likely possibilities, such as a refrigerant leak, an electric control failure, or a sensor issue, and then find the best way to fix it. Making repairs is an integral part of the job, and technicians should also have customer service skills to adequately deal with customers suffering the extreme temperatures that can accompany a broken system.

Mechanical Skills

HVACR systems work on complicated mechanical principles. Even if an HVACR technician knows that corroded wire and terminals in the electric controls are the reason the unit isn’t working, he or she will still need the skills to properly disassemble and reassemble the system in order to complete the repair. Heaters and air conditioners are, at the most basic level, machines. A person with training is best suited to fix the issue.


Whether holding tools, manipulating electrical wiring, or handling small components, HVACR technicians frequently work with their hands. For this reason, dexterity—the ability to use your hands efficiently and skillfully—is an important attribute for an HVACR professional to have. If you’re not already good at working with your hands, there are exercises you can do to improve your dexterity.

Time Management Skills

HVACR technicians typically make multiple service calls on a daily basis. Without good time management skills, you may end up spending too much time on one customer and then be unable to complete the rest of the day’s work. Your employer will expect you to adhere to the schedule he or she sets and to complete all assigned repairs and tasks. If you need help in this area, there are techniques you can practice to become better at time management.

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Sharpen Skills in an HVACR Program

HVACR technicians should also have a basic understanding of math and physics. Ultimately, however, many of these skills can be sharpened in an accredited HVACR program like the one The Refrigeration School offers. Once in school, students will learn many of the skills they’ll need to start successful careers as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration system installers or repair technicians.

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