The Many Benefits of NATE Certification

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NATE certification is the only national certification program accepted by the entire HVAC industry. To obtain this certification, one will need to take a core exam and specialty exam, both of which are difficult to pass. What is more, re-certification is required every five years. Even so, there are many benefits of NATE certification.

Employers Value NATE Certification

Anyone who is interested in an HVAC job with a good salary and good benefits will likely find this form of certification a must. In fact, some states require that an HVAC technician or contractor have some form of certification, and NATE is one of the few certification options that do not require that an applicant have a minimum amount of on-the-job experience in order to take a certification test.

It is not hard to understand why potential employers value NATE certification so highly. Because NATE certification is difficult to obtain, those who have it are very likely to have taken formal HVAC classes at a technical school and gained the skills needed to handle new equipment and technologies. Statistics show that NATE certified technicians are, generally speaking, more experienced than uncertified ones. NATE certified technicians receive fewer complaints about their work and generate less warranty expense than uncertified technicians.

Customers Prefer Technicians with NATE Certification

It is not only employers who prefer HVAC-R technicians with NATE certification. A survey found that 76% of potential customers who know about NATE certification prefer an HVAC technician with one. They know that a NATE badge means that a technician is experienced, well trained and knowledgeable in the field of his or her expertise. Even consumers who are not familiar with NATE still understand the importance of a certified technician, as seven out of eight homeowners said that they want their equipment to be installed, maintained, and repaired by a technician with national certification.

Higher Potential Earnings

NATE-certified technicians, on average, earn 12.2% more than non-certified technicians. Many employers are willing to pay higher salaries in order to hire NATE-certified technicians because the average value of a technician with NATE certification is estimated to be over $10,000 a year.

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While it will take time, study, and effort to receive NATE certification in one or more fields, it is clearly worth the hard work and sacrifice. NATE certification improves job opportunities, keeps customers happy, and will increase your earning potential. Contact The Refrigeration School to learn more about enrolling in a technical training program to prepare you for NATE certification.

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