Time Management Tips for Working Parents in Trade School

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Working, going to school, and raising a family can be a lot. Managing your time can help. 1 Going to get your HVAC education can impact other parts of your life. Time management skills can help you play all the different roles in your life with greater ease and success.

What Are Time Management Techniques?

1. Schedule Your Tasks

Use a calendar or planner to schedule time you need to complete tasks while balancing work, school, and family. 2 Memories can be unreliable so be sure to write or use an electronic device.

2. Fix Meals Ahead of Time

Scrambling to make the kids breakfast and pack their lunches while trying to get ready for work and school can be stressful. Use any extra time you have on Sundays and at night to fix meals for the week ahead. 3

4. Find Flexibility

These days, it’s not uncommon for employers and schools to offer flexible hours. If the typical 9-to-5 work or school day doesn’t fit your schedule, explore other possibilities. For example, some trade schools offer day and evening classes. 4

5. Ask for Help

If you have a supportive network, ask for help. Sometimes, having a friend or family member babysit can give you more time for work and school.

6. Don’t Worry about Being Perfect

No one is perfect. Making the commitment to doing tasks and completing them is good.

7. Take Time for Yourself

Juggling work, school, and your kids can be much harder if you’re sick or tired. Taking time to rest, sleep enough, eat right, and exercise can help you do your best in all your roles.

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If you want to get your HVAC education, you won’t have to balance the roles of parent, employee, and student for too long. The great thing about skilled trade programs for working parents is that they can often be completed in just a few months. One of the benefits of choosing trade school is that when you finish, you’ll have the tools to enter a new career. This could open up more opportunities for you and your family.

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