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If you’ve already decided that you don’t want to study for another four years and you prefer hands-on work, trade school is a good option to develop the skills to start a career in a shorter time and with less debt. So, there’s a lot to be said for getting onto a career track in the span of a year or less. While there are a lot of factors to consider in any educational decision, it’s clear that trade schools have a major advantage over universities when it comes to the time commitment and financial resources needed to complete a program.

Trade School Schedules

trade school schedules

Trade schools give you the chance to complete a training program by offering day and evening classes, and often are much shorter time commitments than academic universities. A refrigeration training program, for example, can be completed in six months. Training programs vary in the time it typically takes to complete them, so do your research to determine whether the program you’re interested in takes three months, six months, a year or more to complete.

Required Certifications

It’s necessary for all HVACR techs to become certified according to regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Some may also need state or local licenses/certifications to work. While it’s possible to gain the minimum certifications and begin work as soon as possible, those who receive advanced certifications may do so in order to get the pay boosts that may go along with them. You may wish to broaden your appeal to employers or work on a path to being your own boss by acquiring specialized skills.

Opportunities for Career Advancement

Even after you complete your initial vocational training and obtain the required credentials, the HVACR industry offers different options for career growth.  Someone with HVACR training can advance to HVACR engineering, where job duties could include surveying a worksite, choosing proper equipment, and even managing the operation. Some skilled trades professionals may also want to work for themselves in the future and gaining additional skills and experience are a couple of steps toward that goal.

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There’s no question that relevant education and training is crucial to getting hired in today’s job market. Do you want to get trained for a job and start earning a paycheck as soon as possible? And if you can’t invest four years at a university, a trade school is an excellent alternative especially if you like hands-on work. Just make sure you choose the right training program and acquire necessary credentials and specialized certifications if you are interested in career advancement.

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