The Refrigeration School Specializes in AC and Refrigeration

Men and women living in Tempe, Arizona who are seeking to enter the fields of heating and cooling and refrigeration need extensive training to meet the HVAC/R certification requirements. There are many levels of education required before someone can earn his or her HVAC/R diploma, and a good heating and cooling program from an accredited school is essential.

New government tax incentives and more energy efficient systems are creating a demand from many homeowners and businesses that choose to upgrade their homes and buildings.  Certified HVAC technicians will need to be on hand to  install and maintain these new efficient HVAC systems as well service older systems still in operation. Now is an excellent time to enroll at the Refrigeration School either as a fresh high school graduate or as someone changing careers.

Technical colleges near Tempe offering courses in heating, cooling, and refrigeration should teach time tested techniques and AC technologies, as well as educate students about older HVAC systems and how to trouble shoot and repair them since they will almost certainly run into them in the course of their job. Such in depth programs and courses should provide training in all aspects of climate control regardless of whether or not the system is residential or commercial, and it should offer real-world, hands-on training to prepare students for the challenges and issues they might face once they are working in the field.

When looking for a school in Arizona for heating and cooling and HVAC training, make sure the school’s programs are comprehensive and include courses in the current AC technologies. A good school like the Refrigeration School will provide students with a well-rounded education and practical experience.

The Refrigeration School has a career development department that is as committed to assisting you in your future career endeavors as you are. After graduation, we will help you connect with employers that fit with your skill set, personality and career goals. We have an active interest in the careers of all of our graduates.

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