When looking into HVAC  (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) schools there are several choices in Southern California and Arizona.  What you want to know is, “What sets Arizona’s Refrigeration School, Inc. apart from the  rest?” The most important qualities that set RSI apart are our specialization and our E-STAR system.

RSI is a Dedicated HVAC  School

There are many technical schools in the Southwest with HVAC programs. Something that distinguishes RSI  from the other technical schools is that RSI  is focused specifically on providing HVAC and electrical training. This means that we focus our resources and efforts on offering quality HVAC training.  Other technical schools offer a variety of programs, and don’t have the single focus training that RSI has. RSI has 11,000 sq. ft. of laboratory space dedicated solely to HVAC and electrical training.

RSI has Career Development Services

Another important factor in choosing a HVAC school is the quality of their career development services. RSI offers extensive employment services, including resume services, interview help, and career counseling. The best part about these services is that they are available for the graduate. This means that even if you need employment assistance years after you graduate from RSI, these services are still available to you.

RSI Uses the Specialized  Training Tool E-STAR

Finally, a big feature which sets RSI apart from the other HVAC schools is their specialized teaching system. The E-STAR diagnostic system is used towards the end of the RSI programs, and is used to help students quickly recognize, diagnose, and correct common problems in HVAC systems. This helps RSI students become very comfortable with diagnosing and correcting problems before they graduate.

Contact RSI Today for More Information

So whether you’re looking in  Arizona or Southern California for a HVAC  school, RSI’s Phoenix refrigeration school is an excellent choice. Contact RSI  today for more information on our programs and how to become a HVAC technician!

RSI Is located in Phoenix   Arizona, but we welcome students from all over!

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